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How can Foreigners Have Car Insurance in Turkey? – Getting Car Insurance Guide in Turkey


Recently, foreigners who live in Turkey started to be active in both real estate and vehicles market. As a natural result of this situation, after the vehicle sales, the demand for car insurance needs also increased. First, it should be understood that all foreigners involved in any accidents when driving in Turkey as Turkish citizens and to the opposite side, just like in the case of this accident and to give tangible bodily harm, are responsible for the compensation of damages caused. It is necessary to have a valid insurance policy while entering to Turkey, otherwise the cars of foreigners will not be accepted to Turkey.

Car and Green Card Insurance for Vehicles with Foreign License Plates

Technically, there is no requirement for insurance in Turkey with foreign license plates vehicles. If the vehicles have a valid insurance, they would ride legally in the borders of Turkey. The foreigners who live in Turkey with a valid residence permit may have a car insurance optionally. These insurance policies provide extra protection. In possible accident situations, the damages of your vehicles can be covered within the scope of the coverage of these motor own damage policies. In addition, for vehicles with a valid green card insurance, they won’t need extra traffic insurance policy or car insurance policy. In addition to traffic insurance of vehicle owners who have this insurance policy provided by the Republic of Turkey can not be demanded. If you want to have a car insurance for your car in Turkey, you can get an offer the relevant insurance company and you can buy the most affordable plan. However, we recommend that you understand and evaluate the coverage and coverage very well before purchasing the policy.

Which Factors Determine the Price of Car Insurance?

The car insurance policies allow you to protect your vehicles in unforeseen situations such as crash, accident, theft, fire, accident resulting in death or disability, social events and natural disasters. In general, many insurance companies provide insurance policies with different coverage amounts and warrants in Turkey. Insurance premiums to be paid for car insurance vary depending on the car model, condition and duration of policy. In addition, the license plate of the vehicle, the age of the vehicle owner, and the brand of the vehicle may also be factors that determine the premium amounts. In addition, if the vehicle owner has not been involved in any accident during the policy process, he/she can benefit from the no-claim discount. In this way, you can provide discounts on your car insurance premiums. If the policy does not otherwise stated, this type of insurance is valid only in the Republic of Turkey.

Compensation for Damage After Accident

If a foreigner is involved in an accident in Turkey as the owner of a car insurance, indemnification will be evaluated within the scope of the damage after an accident insurance policy in the amount of collateral. Accordingly, an amount is determined for the compensation of the damage according to the report to be formed after the accident detection and statement reports are examined. If there is a damage determined within the scope of the insurance coverage and all the necessary conditions are met, and if the occurrence of the related accident is evaluated under the policy, this damage will be paid by the insurance company to the relevant persons. Finally, if you have any questions about having car insurance in Turkey, please ask us in the comments section below.   

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