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How Can Foreigners Get Travel Warrant in Turkey?

Within the scope of Covid-19 precautions by Republic of Turkey, with the “lockdown” regulation, the travels between districts and intercity have started to be subject to permission for both Turkish citizens and foreigners with a residence permit in Turkey. For this reason, a foreigner who wants to travel in Turkey by public transport or by their own vehicle can travel on the condition that they obtain a permit that covers the dates of travel and has a valid reason. It is possible to apply for a Travel Warrant or, in other words, a Road Document for foreigners, via E-state.

What is Travel Warrant?

Due to the Covid 19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, which has been affecting the world globally for more than 1 year, many countries are implementing different quarantine and precautionary measures. In order to reduce the number of cases, which have shown an increasing trend recently, and to prevent the density that may occur in hospitals, different measures have been started to be implemented in Turkey. According to the latest implementation, a full lockdown and travel ban was implemented between April 29 and May 17, 2021. Within the scope of this practice, curfews are restricted except for compulsory situations, while intercity and inter-district travels are subject to permission by the Ministry of Interior. Foreigners, on the other hand, will be able to apply for travel warrant documents through the Immigration Administration via E-State. We would like to remind you that foreigners who want to travel without a valid travel warrant may face administrative fines if they make this trip without permission. In addition, let’s add that foreigners who have a valid road document in the relevant date range will not be asked for an extra travel warrant. Moreover, these travel warrants are valid in the period of time they are taken and in the settlements, these permits will lose their validity except for a place or period for which a travel warrant is obtained.

What are the Compulsory Conditions for Travel?

According to the circular published within the scope of Covid-19 measures, the exceptions to the travel restriction are listed as follows:

  • People discharged from the hospital who want to go their residence, referred with a doctor’s report and/or having a previous doctor’s appointment/control,
  • Accompanying himself or his spouse’s first-degree relative or sibling who is being treated at the hospital (max. 2 people),
  • Those who have arrived in the city they are in within the last 5 days but do not have a place to stay and want to return to their place of residence (those who submit a travel ticket that they came within 5 days, the license plate of the vehicle they came from, other documents showing their travel, and information),
  • Those who will participate in the national exams announced by ÖSYM,
  • Those who want to return to their residence after completing their military service,
  • With an invitation letter from private or public to a specific date contract,
  • Released from penitentiary institutions.

are exempted from lockdown. People who document this situation can get a travel warrant, regardless of whether they are Turkish or foreign.

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How is Travel Warrant Application Made?

If you are exempt from the travel bans applied within the scope of the latest Covid-19 regulation in Turkey, you can apply for your permit document via e-government. Foreigners who are legally in Turkey with a residence permit can apply here through E-State. During the application, you can apply for a travel warrant by marking the application type section as “Travel Warrant Procedures (Compulsory conditions)”.

How is Travel Warrant Application Made?

In addition, foreigners who are under the scope of Temporary Protection and International Protection in Turkey will make their applications through the Immigration Administration. These persons, who have a foreigner identification number, can access the application screen from here.

If you have questions about travel warrant or road documents, you can write us in the comments section.

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