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How Can Foreigners Get Tax ID Number in Turkey?

How Can Foreigners Get Tax ID Number in Turkey?

With the important infrastructure investments and citizenship by investment advantages, Turkey has become one of the most important countries preferred by foreigners at the last years. With the new citizenship by investment program that entered into force in 2018, thousands of foreigners have acquired Turkish citizenship and started to participate in working life in different sectors in Turkey. We would like to remind you that people who will deal with trade and become taxpayers in Turkey must definitely register with the Revenue Administration. Within the scope of Covid-19 measures, the Potential Tax Identification Number for Foreigners is taken using the digital tax office. As of now, no applications are accepted to branches for Tax Identification Number applications. In this article, we will briefly talk about the steps to be taken for foreigners to get a tax identification number in Turkey.

How can Foreigners Get Tax ID Number?

According to the announcement made by the Revenue Administration and the Immigration Administration, within the scope of Covid-19 precautions, the applications for Potential Tax Identification Number of foreigners only accepts on the internet. You can get your tax identification number online for a few minutes by following the steps below:

  • Visit GİB website :
  • Click on the link Potential Tax Identification Number for Foreigners
  • Fill in the form on the screen completely
  • Attach the photo of the picture page of your passport. (max size 1MB)
  • Click on “OK” button.

When you apply these procedures completely, you receive a Potential Tax Identification Number in Turkey as a foreigner.

Where can Foreigners Use Tax ID Number?

Generally, people who provide commercial activities in Turkey are subject to tax. Also, people who earn income on their behalf also include to the scope. Tax identification numbers for foreigners, which are normally issued through the tax offices in Turkey, have started to be issued only on website within the scope of Covid-19 measures. For this reason, foreigners who will engage in commercial activities on their behalf in Turkey or foreigners who will serve on the board of directors or shareholders in existing companies must first obtain a tax identification number. This number will remain the same after foreigners start their main activities subject to tax, that is, this tax number you receive is permanent for all taxable activities you will do in Turkey.

If you have any questions about obtaining a tax identification number for foreigners in Turkey, you can write us in the comments section below.

Ata Kurumsal

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  1. HI
    i was in turkey i try to get my tax number online/in tax office they couldnot veryfiy passport how can i get it.

  2. Hello,

    İ live in USA and i am planning to buy shares in existing Turkish company through a power of attorney for my lawyer.
    İ need a tax id number, but i couldn’t do it online, is there anyway to do it? Can my lawyer do it on my behalf using the power of attorney?

    Thank you,

  3. Hello,

    I am a business owner based in the US, and I have an account with one of your banks. I need to obtain a Turkish TIN in order to complete banking transfers with domestic & international business entities. I understand retrieving a TIN is of no cost to me, but I would like to know all the information you need from me to being the process.

    I am trying to complete the foreigner’s TIN application online, but I am unable to upload my Passport to complete this activity. Could you please assist is getting this completed?

  4. hi, in regards to expats living in turkey but they earn money online [via youtube], do they get taxed? and do they need to have a tax number for that? any info on this would be appreciated

    1. Hello, money earned on Youtube is taxable. Foreigners must also pay for it.

  5. Hello there.thank you for your helpful article.

    I had a question regarding the online tax number application.

    I visited the website. Filled out the form with my personal info and turkish sim cart number and at the end clicked the tamam button and the site produced a PFD which i downloaded.

    The form didn’t have any option available for me to upload my passport photo. Is that normal? And if not what should i do now?

    Thank you for your kind help

    1. Hello,

      There is no need to upload your passport photo to the tax certificate. You can use your tax certificate which was downloaded as PDF for payments etc.

      Are you satisfied with the answers we have given to your questions? ExpatGuideTurkey would like to know your feedback. Please leave a comment on our webpage:

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