Hard To Believe But This Video Crashes Pixel Phones!

It turned out that Pixel phones crashed in an interesting way while watching a YouTube video. Users do not have any information about where this problem originates.

In the past, we have seen that the system was hacked or became inoperable with SMS messages, WhatsApp images, wallpapers or Bluetooth transfers sent to smartphones. This time with just a YouTube video, Pixel phones are crashing.

How Pixel Phones Crash with YouTube Video

The incident takes place when watching the 4K HDR clip of the Alien movie with the YouTube app on Pixel phones. The phone shuts down and restarts quickly, but the cellular network is not available so the user has to restart the phone.

Tried on Pixel 7, Pixel 6, Pixel 6a phones and had the same problem. Galaxy S22, Galaxy S23, Galaxy A52s, on the other hand, did not experience any problems. It is also stated that the same problem is experienced in the YouTube Revanced application.

There is no explanation made by Google yet, but a problem with the YouTube application while playing this clip is estimated to cause a crash on the phones, but this is of course not clear.

For those who want to try whether this is real, I will share the video below.

NOTE: It is not recommended to try :))

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