Hadise, Who Decided To Divorce Mehmet Dincerler, Cried at the Concert

Hadise, who decided to divorce Mehmet Dincerler, whom she married in Ciragan Palace on April 30, could not hold back her tears at the concert she gave in Cyprus. While the singer was crying and the lights were turned off, the audience gave their support by applauding.

Famous singer Hadise and businessman Mehmet Dincerler, who got married on April 30 with a secluded wedding in Ciragan Palace, decided to divorce. Hadise, who cried while singing the song ‘Little Road’ at the beginning of September, had emotional moments at the Cyprus concert she gave two days ago.


Hadise, who lives her marriage out of sight, recently announced that she will divorce by making a statement on her Instagram account. Saying in her divorce petition that she was exposed to psychological violence from her husband that would affect her career, Hadise continues her concerts without interruption during this difficult process. Hadise, who gave a concert in a hotel in Cyprus the previous day, had emotional moments. Hadise, who read her popular songs, could not control her tears for a while. Seeing the singer crying, the team turned off the lights and the audience applauded and shouted “Don’t cry”.



The popular singer Hadise had emotional moments at the concert she gave in Izmir at the beginning of September. The famous singer, who excited the crowd with her songs and dances, could not control her tears while singing the song “Little Way” and cried by bending over.


Mehmet Dincerler and Hadise couple, who got married in April and preferred to live their marriage away from the public, decided to divorce. Announcing her decision to leave by making a statement on her Instagram account in the past days, Hadise said, “I would like to share with you that I opened a divorce case because we could not finish it by agreement. I wish Mehmet happiness in his life. Life.” After the announcement, the singer applied to the Beykoz 2nd Family Court through her lawyer. In the petition submitted to the court, it was stated that Hadise Açıkgöz and Mehmet Dinçerler got married on April 30, 2022, and shortly after Dincerler’s marriage, Hadise began to engage in attitudes and behaviors aimed at restricting her artistic life.



After the separation decision, it was claimed that Dinçerler wanted the ring worth 3 million TL to Hadise and the gold worn at the wedding back. Dinçerler, who allegedly acted to affect Hadise’s art life, said in a statement on her Instagram account, “Even though our relationship that we started by giving great importance to each other ended, maybe I was that person. Who supported Hadise’s art life the most during our relationship. I was surprised by the allegations that came out today. I agree. .It is in our common view to end our marriage and all I want is to end the process with the best respect, everyone.

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