Scandalous Claim: Mehmet Dincerler Has Different Sexual Fantasies

It was claimed that Mehmet Dincerler, whom the famous Turkish singer Hadise filed for divorce, had interesting sexual fantasies.

If I don’t tell, the host of the show Seren Serengil made a bombshell claim about Mehmet Dincerler, whom Hadise filed for divorce. Serengil said he heard that Dincerler had “different sexual fantasies”.

Sexual Fantasies

They Got Married in Silence

The happiness of singer Hadise and businessperson Mehmet Dincerler, who sat quietly at the wedding table last April, was overshadowed. The couple, who lived their marriage out of sight, decided to divorce. Every day, a new claim is made about the couple whose happiness is short-lived.

“Very Ugly Things Are Heard”

The most striking claim came from Seren Serengil, the presenter of the program, If I do not say, broadcast on Beyaz TV. “Something ugly is coming,” Serengil said live.

Sexual Fantasies

Alleged Sexual Fantasy

“They say they have different fantasies,” said Arto, interrupting Serengil. she asked. Thereupon, Serengil replied, “They say so, yes, this is a claim, of course.” Seren Serengil, in her speech, said, “Mehmet had various sexual fantasies. These are allegations, of course.”

Mehmet Dincerler and Hadise

Cannot Divorce by Agreement

Hadise made the following statement on her social media account after the divorce decision, “I would like to share with you that I opened a divorce case because we could not finish it by agreement. I wish Mehmet happiness in his life. Thank you everyone. Who was with me during this process.”

Sexual Fantasies
Seren Serengil

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