Goreme Open Air Museum, Nevsehir

nevsehir goreme open air museum

Goreme Open Air Museum, located on an area of ​​13 kilometers from Nevsehir, is an important rock settlement. It sheds light on the life lived here, especially from the 4th century to the 13th century AD.

Where is Goreme Open Air Museum?

Museum is 13 km from Nevsehir. At the same time, the Museum is located 2 kilometers east of Goreme Town. Local and foreign tourists can also easily reach Goreme Open Air Museum. Minibuses and transportation vehicles from Nevşehir center go to Museum. At the same time, Museum can be visited by private vehicles. Nevsehir-Uchisar road can be used to reach Goreme. Those arriving in Nevsehir from Istanbul can reach Goreme after a 30-kilometer road when they arrive at Cappadocia Airport.

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History of Museum

There was a monastic life in Goreme starting from the 4th century and continuing until the 13th century. Therefore, almost every rock in the region has an experience. Life in this valley in Goreme started in the 4th century AD, during the early Christian times. A new era began with the arrival of the bishop St. Basil in the region in the 4th century BC. St. Basil began to spread his teachings in the Goreme region and trained new students. Thus began the monastic life in the whole valley. Many different monks, especially St. Basil’s, carved their thoughts into the rocks. All artifacts from that period have survived to the present day.

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Goreme Open Air Museum Artifacts

There are many monastic churches and chapels to visit and see in Museum. In this Open Air Museum, there are geometric shapes and religious pictures and writings belonging to Christianity. Besides, Hz. The frescoes that tell the stories of Jesus and the Bible also draw attention. Monks and Priests Monastery in Museum is one of the most curious areas. At the entrance of this museum, St. There is the Basel Chapel. Elmali Church, which is also in the museum, has nine domes, four columns and three apses. St. Museum Barbara’s Chapel and the Dark Church.

goreme open air museum

Museum Visiting Hours

Domestic and foreign tourists who want to visit Museum must comply with the visiting hours. Visiting hours of Museum are open between 08:00-17:00 in the summer season, namely in April and October. In addition, the open-air museum is open to visitors during the winter season, namely in November and March, between 08:00 – 17:00.

goreme open air museum

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