Google will answer for you with artificial intelligence!

Google keyboard app Gboard gets artificial intelligence support. New features include grammar, intonation and pen innovations.

Gboard, Google’s default keyboard for Android, is getting new AI-based features. Features shared in the beta update of the application include support for artificial intelligence correction, artificial intelligence emojis, handwriting support and more.

Gboard; with artificial intelligence, it will find your mistakes and produce emojis

The features seen in version 13.3 for Gboard draw attention with their focus on artificial intelligence. First, Google will correct your grammatical errors in sentences with productive artificial intelligence. It will also help you write a sentence in a professional or relaxed tone by giving intonation suggestion.

On the other hand, it gets a new emoji generation tool called “Emogen”. Thanks to the tool, the expressions you specify as text will be converted into emoji with artificial intelligence. This means you can create your own unique emojis. It should be noted that Google currently has the ability to combine different emojis, called Emoji Kitchen.

Another notable feature was handwriting support, which allows users to write texts using a pen. This innovation will provide devices with more functions with a pen. For example, you will be able to cross out words, circle words to select, and also delete blank lines.

The keyboard will also shrink itself when voice typing is enabled. Thus, it will allow users to save screen space.

Google stated that text interactions with artificial intelligence features will remain recorded on its servers for 60 days. However, it should be noted that these features are offered in the beta version and are not yet available for all users.

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