Google was flooded with complaints

Pixel Watch 2 drove users crazy!

Google, known as the developer of the Android mobile operating system, produces everything from smartphones to watches. In this context, the technology giant launched the Pixel Watch 2 watch model last month. This model, which accelerates the competition in the market, has been mentioned with complaints lately. Here are the details…

Complaints for Google Pixel Watch 2 have begun!

The Google Pixel Watch 2 model, which contains significant upgrades compared to its predecessor, managed to attract a lot of attention in the smart watch market. However, complaints made by users on Reddit raised questions about the device.

The majority of complaints shared by users on the social media platform were that the device was not charging even though it was plugged in. Some people stated that they bought a new charger, it charged at first, but then it went back to normal.

One user went a little further and even replaced the wall socket, but the result was still the same. Another method that came to mind was charging via the USB port on the laptop. But it didn’t work.As a result, users experiencing problems cannot currently charge the Pixel Watch 2 despite trying many methods. Unfortunately, people who registered a complaint did not receive a response from Google, but the technology giant acknowledged that such a problem existed.

The reason for the device not charging is unknown. There are two options at this point; The problem is either in the charger or the smart watch. It remains unclear for now how Google will solve this problem that drives users crazy.

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