Google Shares Test Results: How Fast Has Chrome Been Speeded?

Google shared the chart showing how fast the popular web browser Chrome has accelerated over the months. Google Chrome has gained speed, especially on the Android and Mac side.

Google has achieved new performance success on Mac and Android by making a few performance improvements to the Chrome browser. Collectively, Google says a number of tweaks gave Chrome a 10% speed boost in three months. There is also a 30% speed increase on some Android devices.

Changes to Chrome include a number of tweaks, from improved caching to better memory management. In Apple’s Speedometer 2.1 browser comparison, it is graphically evident how much Chrome has accelerated over time.

The leader of the web browser market

Despite user complaints about its slowness, Google’s browser still has a large share of the market. According to March 2023 statistics shared by Per Statcounter, Chrome takes 64.8% of the global market share. On desktop only, Chrome’s share is even higher; 65.8%. In the second place is Edge with 11.12% and Safari with 10.91%.

Chrome 112 also provides performance optimization for Android phones and tablets. In the same Speedometer test, a 30% increase in speed is seen, but it is not clear with which device Google performed these tests.

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