Good News to Streamers With Twitch Fewer Followers: Partner Plus

Good News to Streamers With Twitch Fewer Followers: Partner Plus

Twitch is preparing to give its streamers a strong incentive to grow their audience. Here are the details!

Live streaming platform Twitch aims to launch a Partner Plus program that will increase the percentage of subscription revenues for publishers that meet the criteria it has set. The application, which concerns Twitch streamers with a small number of followers, will be valid if the streamers earn at least 350 paid subscriptions for three months.

Twitch Will Give Smaller Streamers a Bigger Share of Subscriptions

Partner Plus, which will be available on October 1, will be valid for the three months before the start date. The application, which will not perform any special trial version, will be available in all countries. The launch of the program comes months after Twitch’s discussion with Premium Partners. Speaking on the subject, CEO Dan Clancy stated in September that it will not affect 90 percent of the publishers involved and that increased advertising payments will help close the gap.


With its project, Partner Plus aims to increase the income of broadcasters within Twitch and to keep them connected to the platform. The program, which concerns broadcasters making their first live broadcast trials, aims to increase the number of existing channels and thus keep the audience on the platform.

The developed application may disturb the big broadcasters who rely on Twitch. In this case, Twitch is also likely to lose its existing audience to YouTube and other platforms.

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