Girlevik Waterfall, Erzincan

Girlevik Waterfall is located in the Erzincan district of Çağlayan, in the village of Girlevik, from which it takes its name. The waterfall, which has a height of 30 meters and is divided into many branches, welcomes many local and foreign visitors. It is one of the meeting points of Erzincan with nature with the magnificent natural beauty of the waterfall, vegetation, cool air on the hottest summer days, and the resting and resting area established. Of course, the best time to see the magnificent natural landscapes in the region is during the spring months. The blending of colors with newly blooming flowers and colorful plants gives people peace of mind.

Girlevik waterfall

Suitable for Visiting All Seasons

In addition, in Erzurum, where winter conditions are severe in winter, the water of the waterfall freezes and icicles create wonderful landscapes. Ice climbing athletes are active in this region. It is possible to have a picnic and relax at the tables in the area where the waterfall is located. You can enjoy the magnificent nature and fresh air while having a picnic in the area where the waterfall is located. You can visit the waterfall restaurant on the shore of the waterfall and taste great flavors.

erzincan province

How to Get to Girlevik Waterfall?

After driving approximately 24 km from Erzincan center to Erzurum direction on the D100 highway, when you see the Girlevik Waterfall sign, turn right and proceed in the direction of Waterfall. You can reach the waterfall by following the Girlevik waterfall signs on this 13 km road.

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