‘Ghost Village’ At The Center of Attention of Visitors

‘Ghost Village’ At The Center of Attention of Visitors

The ‘Ghost Village’ in Mugla attracts the attention of visitors with its historical structures and natural beauties.

Kayaköy, which is also known as a “ghost village” because it was abandoned 100 years ago in the Fethiye district of Muğla and is among the sensitive areas that need to be protected, attracts attention from visitors.

Abandoned 100 YEARS AGO

There are approximately 400 houses, 2 churches and chapels in Kayaköy, which is the most visited historical site of Muğla with 110,604 guests it hosted last year. The historical buildings in the “ghost village”, which were abandoned 100 years ago, take their visitors on a journey into the past.

Kayaköy, which also provides the economy of the people of the region with the intense interest of the visitors, takes on a different beauty with the fog that is effective in the region in summer as well as in winter.

District Governor Yusuf İzzet Karaman told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the natural and historical beauties of the district attract the attention of local and foreign tourists.

Expressing that different tourism activities can be done on land, sea and air in the district, Karaman stated that Fethiye has important tourism regions such as Ölüdeniz and Göcek.


Emphasizing that the weather is very nice in Fethiye during the winter months and it allows to have a holiday, Karaman said, “Kayaköy, which is located at a point close to Ölüdeniz, is an important historical place with its artifacts. Last year, more than 110 thousand visitors came. It has a mysterious and mystical atmosphere during the winter months. Kayaköy is a must-see place.

Karaman stated that the region is very rich in history and many points have been declared as sensitive areas to be protected.

Karaman, who stated that they will continue to protect and promote Kayaköy and other historical sites in the district, invited everyone to the district to see the cultural heritages.


The history of Kayaköy, which was established on the slope of a hill, dates back to the Greeks. The village, which was abandoned with the exchange agreement in 1923 after the National Struggle and where the Turks began to live, was affected by the 1957 Fethiye earthquake. Finished.

Ghost Village

The village, which was brought into tourism as Kayaköy Ruins under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, attracts the attention of local and foreign visitors.

Ghost Village

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