From ChatGPT: ‘Does artificial intelligence bring the end of humanity?

The features of ChatGPT, which was released in June 2020 and produced by the artificial intelligence research company OpenAI as a chatbot based on the GPT-3.5 language model, have been on the agenda recently. We posed this question to ChatGPT as many doubted the possibility that artificial intelligence could bring about the end of humanity.

Artificial intelligence chat program ChatGPT has been on the agenda recently. Although it is still in the testing phase, the program, which attracts attention with its capabilities, can do many actions and tasks. While it is said that ChatGPT will replace Google in the future, the future of artificial intelligence worries many people.

Scary answer about artificial intelligence from ChatGPT!

ChatGPT surpassed the 100 million user threshold in January. The chat robot, which people follow with interest, continues to be visited by approximately 13 million individual users per day. ChatGPT recently helped someone hit the lottery in Thailand.

He helped win the lottery

A person in Thailand announced that he had won the lottery jackpot with the numbers predicted by the artificial intelligence robot ChatGPT. According to the statement made by the winner of the lottery, the man had given ChatGPT the numbers that had won the lottery in the last 10 years and asked him to predict the number that would hit the next jackpot. He won the lottery with the answers given by the program.

“Will artificial intelligence bring the end of humanity?”

This time he asked ChatGPT, “Will artificial intelligence bring the end of humanity?” We asked the question. To this question, the program said, “The issue that artificial intelligence will bring the end of humanity is a highly controversial issue and it is not possible to give a definite answer on this subject. However, artificial intelligence can provide many benefits to humanity when used correctly.” found the answer.

Stating that the usage areas of artificial intelligence are quite wide and the use of this technology in different areas can facilitate human life, the application said, “For example, artificial intelligence technologies used in the health sector have great potential for early diagnosis of diseases and more effective treatment. The use of artificial intelligence technologies is increasing in many sectors such as transportation, energy, agriculture and industry. he gave examples.

“When used by malicious people…”

However, the program then touched on the dangers of artificial intelligence. Saying that it will pose a risk, especially if it is in the hands of malicious people, ChatGPT said:

“However, the development of artificial intelligence also brings some risks. In particular, the ethical and security issues of this technology are very important. When artificial intelligence systems are misprogrammed or used by malicious people, it can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, the development of artificial intelligence technologies and Care must be exercised in its use and appropriate precautions must be taken.”

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