Foldable, Portable and Wearable Computer Keyboard

Foldable, Portable and Wearable Computer Keyboard

Developed by a Japanese technology company, the keyboard draws attention with its quite different features. Details are here!

When it comes to computer keyboards, it is seen that there are more than one different model and design in the sector according to the wishes and needs of the users. However, the new design of the Japanese technology company is far beyond the known standards!

A keyboard design developed by Grabshell; It has the feature of adapting to all conditions with its portable, foldable and wearable design.

You Don’t Have To Sit At The Table To Use The Keyboard!

The keyboard, which went on sale last month, has keys on both the back and front of the keyboard, which was specially developed for the Japanese who have to stand at a desk during long working hours.

On the back of the keyboard, where we can see the navigation keys on the front, there are the classic letter keys in the QWERTY system.

The Grabshell keyboard, which can be easily connected to Windows and macOS, can also be easily used by hand. There are also controllers on the keyboard that act as a mouse.

Of course, the Grabshell keyboard can be quite difficult to get used to as it is very different from traditional keyboards. However, with the increase in desk jobs in recent years, it seems to be a very effective solution in solving problems such as low back pain and hernia, which can be seen in most employees.

Computer Keyboard

The price of the keyboard is set at $ 300.

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