First Foldable iPhone Coming: Drop Detection Sensor!

First Foldable iPhone Coming: Drop Detection Sensor!

Rumors that Apple is working on its first foldable iPhone are turning into reality. A new patent points to a fall detection sensor.

Developments with the foldable iPhone seem to be underway, as a recently discovered patent application suggests that Apple is looking for a way to better protect its device from drops.

The newly discovered application on the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office is called “Screen Protection Techniques Using Self-Retracting Display Devices and Drop Detection”.

First Foldable iPhone

This new patent application succinctly explains how Apple might aim to minimize screen damage. As described, the device will have some sort of sensor inside, such as an accelerometer. If the sensor detects that the iPhone has been dropped, it signals an “electronically adjustable locking mechanism” to quickly shut down the phone.

What Does a Fall Detection Sensor Do?

The patent hints that if the iPhone is too close to the ground, the mechanism may not fully close and remain partially open, but “even folding the screen less than 180 degrees can offer some protection.” At least the blow will come from the sides, not directly to the screen.

Leading names in the industry agree that the foldable iPhone has been developed thanks to the increasing leaks recently. So what are your expectations from the foldable iPhone? You can share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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