Feature Found on iPhone 15s Arrives on iPads!

Feature Found on iPhone 15s Arrives on iPads!

The new iPad Air and iPad Pro models, which were introduced recently, offer new battery health options that entered our lives with the iPhone 15.

The new iPad Air and iPad Pro models offer new battery health options that were not available on older iPads and were introduced with the iPhone 15. On the new iPads, you can follow Settings > Battery to access a wide range of data such as battery condition, maximum capacity and number of cycles.

Feature that extends the battery life of new iPads

More importantly, you can now use the 80 percent limit on iPad and see the date of manufacture and first use of the battery. Many users confuse the 80 percent limit with Optimized Battery Charging, which has been available for years.

When you activate the optimized battery charging feature, when your battery reaches 80 percent, the charging process is slowed down to increase the life of the battery and reaches from 80 percent to 100 percent more slowly. The 80 percent limit on iPhone 15s and new iPads stops the charging process completely when your battery reaches 80 percent.

The reason for this is that almost all devices, from electric cars to phones, should not be fully discharged and charged to increase battery life. In other words, not dropping the device’s battery below 20 percent and not exceeding 80 percent prolongs its life.

Of course, this situation depends entirely on need. If you cannot always access the charger during the day, it is much more logical to charge your device at 100 percent. Apple leaves the choice entirely to the user here.

You can choose between a slow charge after 80 percent, no charge at all and a full-speed charge from 0 to 100 percent.

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