Face Id Feature May Come To Macbook Pro And Imac!

New developments have emerged regarding the Face ID technology that Apple introduced with the iPhone X model. Face ID may come to new Apple devices. Here are the details!

Face ID, which first entered our lives with iPhone X, is now used by Apple in all iPad Pro models

Apple’s introduction of the notch on the MacBook Pro gave the impression that FaceID was imminent, but no details have yet emerged. But it’s still possible that Apple is considering implementing it on the MacBook Pro and possibly on the iMac display as well.

Apple files hundreds of patent applications every month, so there’s no guarantee that a patent titled “light recognition module for identifying the user of a computing device” filed in August 2023 will see the light of day. Also, the idea of Face ID for the MacBook Pro is not a new development.

Hinge Patent Revealed For Macbook Pro, Imac And Pro Display Xdr

Most of the patent text is a rehash of how Touch ID works, but Apple’s newest patent on the subject contains some interesting information. We know how Face ID will work on the MacBook.

The notched Face ID feature that started with the iPhone X is similarly located in the center of the screen for the MacBook. What’s not yet clear is that Apple may have already thought about how to deal with different angles when the laptop’s screen opens.

The patent text says that the apparatus “is capable of rotating the light pattern recognition module along an axis.” This is patent language for a hinge. It turns out that a patent application from Apple describes a new hinge mechanism for devices such as the MacBook Pro, iMac and Pro Display XDR.

This mechanism allows both the dot projector and the Face ID sensor to face the user’s face at a consistent angle. The drawings in the patent show the MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar instead of a top row of function keys.

It is also possible that the iMac and Pro Display XDR will use this new hinge mechanism. There is a very short period between the filing and publication dates of the patent.

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