Everything You Need To Carry On A Basketball Trip For TheNBA Finals

Packing is a stressful operation for the best of us, and even if you’re an ultra-organized,
superhuman packer, you might still struggle with what to take on a basketball trip, especially if you
need to travel light and you still want a few things to show your team spirit. What sorts of gear
should you sling into your bag and what should you drop back in your closet at home? We’re going
to unlock all the answers in this article, whether you’re traveling internationally or not!

So, the first thing to do is figure out whether you’re only taking carry-on luggage, or if you’re going
to be hauling around a huge bag that needs to be stowed in the hold and collected at the other
end. Carry-on luggage is definitely the better option if you can get away with it, and with some nifty
travel hacks, you might find it’s all you need. If you’re travelling to see games like Nuggets vs Heat
and you want a pile of team gear, though, a larger hold bag might become a necessity.

The big question then becomes what you should take and what you should leave behind, and if
you’ve left it to the last minute, you’ll find our quick tips checklist helps you out. Nobody wants to
get to the other end and discover they haven’t got the bare essentials, so let’s break down that
suitcase and figure out everything that ought to be going with you.

Cover The Essentials First!

Okay, so you might want to take a whole load of clothes in your team’s colors, plus scarves, the all-
important ball cap, perhaps a mascot, and maybe snacks, entertainment, and more. However,
unless you’re traveling in a luxury campervan or otherwise arriving under your own steam, you’re
going to be dealing with pretty limited space, so what do you absolutely have to take?

Well, nobody’s going anywhere without personal hygiene items, like toothbrush, toothpaste,
deodorant, razor, dental floss, painkillers, medication, and the other bathroom essentials. All of
those want to be in your carry-on, if possible (but check airline restrictions before flying, of course),
so that if your hold luggage vanishes mid-flight (how does that happen!), you don’t have to buy a
whole pile of toiletries when you’ve just arrived in a strange city. You’ll also want a spare set of
clothes available in your carry-on luggage for the same reason.

Another top tip for if you’re traveling internationally for just a few days: jet-lag sucks and you want
some good defenses against it. That means packing some sleep-aids, like earplugs, eye masks, a
white noise machine, maybe your own pillow, and possibly even some melatonin to boost your
chances of overcoming the disorientation quickly so you can fully enjoy the game. You don’t want
to spend your whole trip in another country groggy and zombie fied. Remember other essentials
like your phone, electronics, chargers, passport, tickets, etc. should also go in your carry-on bag.

Go Wild In Your Hold Luggage

If you’re taking hold luggage, you’ve got so much scope to carry anything you’ll want at the game,
and you can go as crazy as you want in terms of clothes and merchandise. Make sure you’ve got
an outfit you’re happy with for the game itself; that can be pretty casual, just something along the
lines of denim pants and a top you like. In terms of your shoes – well, why not go all-out and match
your favorite player’s sneaker choice? Some people also pick incredibly crazy outfits, dressing up
like superheroes or becoming quirky mascots to show their support for their team.

Don’t forget the other things you’ll want for the game, like possibly your own thunder stick or
another suitable noisemaker if you don’t want to destroy your voice. You might also think about
taking a fun sign along, but! If you’re going to do this, it’s important to know that some stadiums will confiscate signs at the door because they obstruct the view of other fans, so you’ll need to be
prepared not to use the sign, or to have it taken away by security if other people can’t see. Check
your sign’s message is suitable too – you’re not going to be allowed to hold up anything insulting,
profane, or racist, so make sure you keep anything you want to say family-friendly.

You’ll also want to pack things like your lucky medal, your plush mascot, a themed bracelet, a
keychain, badges and stickers, a water bottle, or any other portable merchandise you’ve got that
you’re dying to show off to the other fans. You might want to think about customizing your day-to-
day gear, adding patches to the bag or jacket you’ll be using, or grabbing some decals for your
phone. With all that gear, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing game!

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