Citroen Type Holidays camper introduced

The new Citroen Type Holidays concept is a stylish camping vehicle combining retro design and modern technologies, referring to the iconic commercial vehicle Type H of the brand.

Citroën introduced its vehicle called Type Holidays at the Düsseldorf Caravan Fair, one of the world’s leading caravan events. The vehicle, which is still in the concept stage, brings together the iconic Citroën Type H and the modern SpaceTourer.
Citroën showcases this legacy with a SpaceTourer in Type H appearance by Italian body manufacturer Caselani. Having a partnership with Citroën for many years, Caselani creates different types of “Neo-Retro” body designs with the brand and offers a different way of travel for “Van Life”. A unique experience is experienced with the “Type Holidays” model that stands out from the crowd. As well as its unique design and gray color, Citroën’s legendary Type H is paying homage to the vehicle nicknamed the “Tube”.

The modern design of SpaceTourer invites you to a different and comfortable travel experience, away from all restrictions, alone or with others. Citroën has previously demonstrated its strength in the caravan area with concept vehicles such as Hyphen, Rip Curl and The Citroënist. Today, Citroën plans to expand and strengthen its presence in the caravan market on which it has built on these successes and is also growing.

Thanks to its height of only 2 meters, it can also enter indoor parking lots.

Citroën Type Holidays provides a suitable solution for those who are lovers of freedom and nature, who want to open the door and watch a magnificent view from their bed, and those who consider both their independence and their budget. While many people transition to caravan life, they can go almost anywhere they want. With a height of just under 2 meters, Type Holidays can easily take place in parking lots in the city as well as in the parking areas on the beaches.

In this way, it can be used daily throughout the year. This segment, which corresponds to approximately 90,000 new vehicles every year in Europe, accounts for more than half of all accommodation type vehicles. “Van Life” is gaining popularity, especially among young people, as it offers unlimited travel freedom to cover all comfort needs on a competitive budget.

SpaceTourer features and special equipment

“Van Life” owes its success to the improvements it has made in terms of layout and comfort. With this vehicle, camping in line with the “Glamping” trend now turns into a much more stylish experience. Citroën Type Holidays incorporates Citroën SpaceTourer’s spaciousness, comfort, quiet operation character, two sliding side doors for easy access and airy interior, independently opening tailgate glass and many other advantages. Citroën Type Holidays provides everything that four people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and return whenever they want, may need.

Citroën is collaborating with Bravia Mobil as one of the world’s leading experts to prepare these special vehicles. The company adds all the equipment needed for an ideal travel experience to Citroën Type Holidays:

  • The sunroof, which allows it to stand upright in the living area inside the Citroën Type Holidays, accommodates a large bed that can accommodate two people in night mode.
  • Two armchairs can be opened side by side to create a comfortable bed for two. In addition, these seats can be removed completely to make room for storage space.
  • The vehicle also has two front seats that can swivel towards the rear living area.
  • A full kitchenette is fitted with equipment such as a cooking area, sink and refrigerator.
  • A folding table is implemented for dining or working, and several cabinets for storing things.
  • A Webasto heating system is added to ensure optimum temperature inside the cabin.

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