Entered the Export Market with “Black Garlic”

The entrepreneur, who obtains “black garlic” by passing the garlic, which is grown in the Taskopru district of Kastamonu and registered in the European Union (EU), through the fermentation process, exports to Germany, USA and England. When garlic, which is sold for 25 Turkish liras per kilo, is converted into a value-added product, the kilogram price of the product comes to 2 thousand 500 liras. When sold abroad, it can go up to 2 thousand euros per kilogram.

Murat Iliman (40), who has a textile factory in Bursa, decided to produce black garlic, which he saw and tasted during his travels abroad.

Ilıman, who was doing research for this, bought 100 acres of land from Taskopru district of Kastamonu with geographical indication registered. Here, the entrepreneur who produced garlic with ancestral seeds obtained “black garlic”, the content of which is enriched by the fermentation process during which the white garlic turns black.

Ilıman, who carries out organic production and employs 40 people in this field, is happy to earn foreign currency to the country by exporting to Germany, USA and England.


Ilıman told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they have been operating in the textile sector in Bursa for about 10 years and that they have entered the food sector with garlic.

Explaining that he decided to enter this business after learning about the benefits of black garlic, Iliman said, “I am happy to bring black garlic to our country and the world. According to our research, it is a very useful product for human beings. It is known to be good for cancer. It is good for health in many areas such as hair loss, regeneration of internal organs. ” said.

Ilıman stated that they transform a vegetable such as garlic into a value-added product and send it abroad, and said:

“We make the production in Taskopru, Kastamonu. The amount of selenium in the soil of Taşköprü is high. Since it is the only place that increases garlic’s own internal vitamin, sulfur and selenium, and its nutritional values, we carry out the production here. We also say, ‘We grow this product in Kastamonu Taskopru’ when we sell this product abroad. “We see the surplus of time. Because everyone knows the reputation of this garlic. Countries such as South Korea, Germany, China, USA and England love Taskopru garlic. We realized this after we got into this business.”


Giving information about the fermentation process of garlic, Iliman said, “We put the garlic in our ovens with a capacity of 1 ton. We ferment it in 60-75 days. As a result of this process, the garlic remains up to 200 kilograms. In other words, it loses 80 percent. We do not throw away the part that has this waste. We also produce and sell soap and garlic powder.” used the phrases.

Stating that they started exporting with Germany this year, they sent products to England and the USA, Iliman continued his words as follows:

“Our goal in the next 5 years is to export to 25 countries. We are currently doing this business on 100 decares. We will also buy the fields next to us soon. The more orders we receive, the more we will invest. The kilogram of garlic is between 25-30 liras. The kilogram of the product that we turn into a value-added product.” The price comes to 2 thousand 500 liras. When we sell it abroad, its kilogram can reach up to 2 thousand euros. The demands of abroad make us very happy. Of course, we want to give it to our country. Hopefully, we will buy new lands and increase our production. Our annual production is close to 15 tons, but at the end of 2024 We aim for 50 tons.”

Iliman added that the furnaces work with solar energy and they produce with an environmentalist approach without emitting carbon.

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  1. Hello Dear Ms Nagiham, great to read your articles on foods. Very comprehensive and informative. Kindly let me know if you could provide information on G1 Garlic. We don’t have this kind of garlic here in England but an associate of mine has been requesting I can but G1 Garlic from EU or Turkey.

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