English Medium Universities in Turkey

English is a World language and should also be learned during undergraduate education. English required for vocational career and proficiency is taught in a great deal of state universities and a quality education opportunity is provided for students. The universities at which English education is given in their all departments are;

Boğaziçi University

Boğaziçi University which is located in İstanbul and have a deep rooted past is the school dreamt of by each student. In all departments of the Bogaziçi University which is ranked among best universities of the World with its education quality, social possibilities and cultural structure, English is the only education language.  Even speaking English between students in campus is recommended. I think it is unnecessary to say that entrance scores of Boğaziçi University is very high.

Middle East Technical University (METU)

ODTU which mentioned in social media and national press with the student passing at which the banners with social message content are opened each year in graduation ceremonies is also a quality university making its mark with its education quality in the World. METU which has trained the persons who become popular in field of engineering is a state university which is positioned in Ankara, provides for English education in its all departments.

İzmir High Technology Institute

Although İzmir High Technology Institute which gives 100% English education in its all departments and is the only university of İzmir having English medium is lesser known, it is a quality university as much as METU and Boğaziçi. University holds only departments of Science and Technology. By means of application areas, laboratory environments and multi-disciplinary education opportunities, it is one of the best state universities of Turkey.

İstanbul Technical University (İTÜ)

İstanbul Technical University has been giving Turkish education until quite recently. However, with the last education period, it has changed over to English education in its all departments, notably computer engineering and industrial engineering. The university which has closed Turkish departments will enter within the scope of   completely English medium state universities.

İstanbul University

İstanbul University whose date of foundation corresponds to conquest of İstanbul, also known as Ottoman University provides for English education completely in faculties of political sciences, business administration and economics.

Marmara University

English, German and French are given in Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty. At other departments, 100% English education is provided. Especially in all departments within faculty of engineering, all courses are taught English.

Eskişehir Anadolu University

Education medium is English for all departments of the university having the highest student number in Turkey owing to presence of open education faculty. All courses are taught English in faculties of engineering and economics.  Within the scope of open education faculty too, there exist English medium departments.  Departments of English Business Administration and English International Relations are among the ones who have admitted most students in recent years.

Yıldız Technical University

Yıldız Technical University which offer quite comfortable campus opportunity with its campuses in Beşiktaş and Davutpaşa, İstanbul, apart from other universities, provides for English education at 30% ratio. Compared to other technical universities, the reason for its low entrance score is arisen from that.

Hacettepe University

Hacettepe University which is well placed among the state universities in Ankara, is known with is faculty of medicine particularly. Faculties of Economics and Administrative Sciences in particular, all courses are taught English in its all faculties.

Ankara University

Ankara University which meets bureaucrat need since foundation of Republic of Turkey and is also called as Mulkiye shows diversity in terms of English education. All departments in the university are taught both Turkish and English. Besides, 30 % English education is also presented.

Other English Medium Universities in Turkey

  • Gaziantep University
  • Adana Çukurova University
  • İzmir Ege University
  • Yalova University
  • Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University
  • Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University
  • Konya Selçuk University
  • Mersin University
  • Antalya Mediterranean University
  • Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University
  • Afyon Kocatepe University
  • Çankırı Karatekin University

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