English Medium Universities in Ankara

Turkey is a country having a position to compete with many developed countries in field of education.  Preferring the universities in Turkey by a lot of students from the World and studying at high standards in Turkey of foreign students is indicator that Turkey will go forward more in education sector.

The number of English medium universities in Ankara which is capital city of Turkey and listed between most developed cities is quite a lot. Both private universities and state universities ensure students prepare profession better and take quality education, giving English education in different departments. When it comes to education in Turkey, most leading universities of Ankara are as follows.

Middle East Technical University (METU)

Middle East Technical University which is ranked among known universities of the World, and source of pride for Turkey provides training in 40 different undergraduate programs, three of which is international common program. With its 97 master’s degree programs, 62 doctorate programs and the school of foreign languages, it is one of the most appropriate address for those who want to make academic career in the fields of scientific study.

METU trains foreign students more than 1.500 from 80 different countries every year. METU is one of the universities that may be preferred for academic education through its quality education, campus life at high standards and possibilities offered. However, it is required to remember that its scores are very high.

METU provides education in two different manners. Either 30% part of courses is English or all of department courses are given in English.      It changes depending on preference of student and regulation of academic department.   Especially courses for faculties of engineering and architecture are 100% English.

Hacettepe University

Hacettepe University which holds campuses in 5 different counties of Ankara and presents modern campus life to it students gives education to 28 thousand students every year with 13 faculties, 2 vocational high schools, 13 institutes, 6 high schools, 1 conservatory and 41 research, application centers.

Hacettepe University that ensures training of persons who leave their marks in field of science, technology and art in the World gives English education in its all departments. It also possesses programs giving German and French education as well as English one.

Ankara University

Ankara University which carries the title of first university   that young Republic of Turkey State    has founded in Anatolia has been offering quality education opportunity to students for ages with 3 high schools, 14 faculties, 9 vocational high schools and 1 state conservatory.

In each department of Ankara University, English Preparatory   departments are available upon request. Undergraduate or graduate students may receive English preparatory education in case they make request.

In all departments of Ankara University, English, Turkish, French and German courses are given.

Choosing English course is left to preference of    students.  In the event entrance exam scores and course averages are at desired level, students may pick either 30% intensive English course programs or 100% intensive English course programs.

Gazi University

One of the Ankara’s most rooted and quality universities of Ankara is Gazi University too. At the school which keeps 15 faculties, 9 vocational high schools, 6 institutes and 35 research centers, major and minor certificate programs are also found within teaching program of the university.

With its student more than 50 thousand, Gazi University offers English education at rates of 30% and 100% in all academic departments.

English Medium Foundation Universities in Ankara

Foundation universities in Ankara which present academic training possibility against an annual fee and have lower scores compared to state universities also give English education.   Ankara foundation universities which provide English training in different departments and at different ratios are;

  • Anka Teknoloji University
  • Atılım University
  • Başkent University
  • Bilkent University
  • Çankaya University
  • TED University
  • TOBB Economy and Technology University
  • University of Turkish Aeronautical Association
  • Ufuk University
  • Yüksek İhtisas University

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