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Employment of Foreigner Care in Home Services in Turkey

If you are considering employing an elderly or child foreign caregiver in your home, this page will help you get an overview of work permit procedures.

You cannot employ foreign personnel as cleaners, dishwashers, day laborers and maids in your home. You can employ a foreign national caregiver only for child care, elderly care and patient care.

  • Those who have children under the age of 15 (fifteen) at home can take leave, provided that they work as a babysitter.
  • He/she can take leave of absence at his/her home or in another house provided that he/she is a first degree relative, provided that he/she takes care of a person over 65 (sixty-five) years old.
  • For those who are younger than 65 years old but whose illness is confirmed by a doctor’s report, first-degree relatives can obtain a work permit for a foreign caregiver, provided that they work under the care of the person concerned.

What should you pay attention to?

It is very important whether the foreign national carer you intend to employ has a residence permit. It is both easier and less costly to obtain a Work Permit for the caregiver with a residence permit.

The third paragraph of Article 21 of the Law No. 4817 on the obligations of the employer or employer’s representatives who employ the foreigner without permission regarding the deportation proceedings of the foreigner: “The employer or employer’s representatives who employ the foreigner who does not have a work permit shall be charged an administrative fine of five thousand Turkish Liras for each foreigner. In this case, the employer or employer’s representative has to cover the accommodation expenses of the foreigner and his spouse and children, if any, the expenses necessary for their return to their country and, if necessary, health expenses. The provision of this regulation is mandatory and the procedure will be established within the framework of this regulation.

Documents Required for Work Permit Application for Foreign Caregiver

If the foreigner you will employ has a residence permit

  • Employer Application Petition to Employ Foreigners in Home Services,
  • Copy of the residence permit of the foreign national caregiver,
  • Copy of the foreigner’s passport (Turkish translation is required),
  • One photograph of the foreigner (Taken in the last six months)
  • Copy of employer’s identity card
  • The employer’s detailed civil registration sample and the residence document showing the address where the foreigner will work, taken from the headman’s office
  • Employer’s KEP address and Electronic signature

Information you need to prepare

  • Employer’s e-mail address:
  • Name of the school from which the foreigner graduated:
  • Name of the department from which the foreigner graduated:
  • Foreigner’s phone number:
  • Marital status of the foreigner:
  • Foreign residence address of the foreigner:
  • Domestic residence address of the foreigner:
  • Information about the foreigner’s job at the workplace:
  • The reason for the request for foreign employment instead of a Turkish citizen:

If the foreigner caregiver you will employ does not have a residence permit

If you want to get a work permit for a foreigner who does not have a residence permit, your candidate for personnel should get a reference number from the Turkish embassy in their country, and an application should be made to the Ministry of Labor in Turkey with this reference number. The information and documents you need to prepare for this are as follows.

Required documents for a work permit application to the Consulate.

  • Consular application letter
  • Fixed Term Employment Contract (Home Services) (two copies are drawn up, one copy is given to the consulate.
  • Notarized undertaking (issued by the employer)
  • Birth Certificate (provided by foreign personnel)
  • Criminal record (provided by foreign personnel)

The above documents are sent by cargo if the foreign national caregiver is in his own country. If your candidate is in Turkey, they should be made into a file and given to him while he is in his own country. When your personnel candidate goes to his/her own country, he/she should add his birth certificate and criminal record to this file and submit it to the Turkish embassy.

Required documents for a work permit application to the Ministry;

  • Employer Application Petition Sample to Employ Foreigners in Home Services
  • Fixed Term Contract (Home Services)
  • Copy of passport of the foreign caregiver
  • One photograph of a foreign person (must be taken within the last 6 months)
  • Copy of employer’s identity card
  • Photocopy of the identity card of the person to be cared for (If the person to be cared for is old, a health certificate is also required.)
  • Employer’s birth certificate copy
  • Power of attorney if the application is to be made by the consultant

Foreign Caregiver Work Permit Fees

For applications made from abroad, work permit fees are paid by the foreigner to the Turkish embassy after the application is approved.

Timed Work Permit (Time extensions are subject to the same amount of fee)Up to 1 year (including 1 year)Full year fee is charged for periods exceeding one year).7.345,30 TL565,00 TL
Indefinite Work Permit73.480,67 TL565,00 TL
Independent Work Permit73.480,67 TL565,00 TL

Note: A fee of 7.345,30 TL is charged for each year for more than one year leave.

In domestic work permit applications and time extensions, work permit and residence permit fees are required to be paid before the permit is issued. The fees can be deposited at Ziraat Bank, Vakıflar Bank, or İşbank branches.

Foreign Caregiver Insurance Premium 2024

The employer goes to SKG with the documents we have stated below, submits the documents and receives the workplace registration number and e-declaration password. With the e-declaration password, foreign personnel can be recruited from SGK. The date of approval of the work permit of the foreign personnel should be written as the start date.

When to apply for insurance procedures?

Within 20 days after the work permit of foreign personnel is approved, T.C. It is obligatory to register with the Social Security Institution.

Where to apply for insurance transactions?

For insurance transactions, your workplace address is connected to, T.C. You can apply from the Social Security Institution Directorate.

What are the documents required in the application?

  • Workplace statement, workplace statement sample
  • Employer’s signature statement
  • Employer’s passport
  • Employer’s residence
  • Work Permit of Foreign Personnel

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How Much Are the Monthly SKG Premium Fees for 2024?


Where should I deposit the insurance fee?

You can deposit the foreign personnel SKG premium payment into the relevant account from the bank you want within the normal maturity (until the last day of the next month of the relevant period).

What happens if the declaration is forgotten?

If the declaration is not given at all or in due time, a minimum wage penalty is imposed. This process causes a separate penalty for each month in which the notification is not given.

If SGK payments are not made, both interest will be charged and your personnel’s work permit extension application cannot be made.

Application for extension of work permits must be made within a maximum of two months backwards from the expiry date of the work permit and in any case before the end of the permit period.

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