Elon Musk shared the latest version of Cybertruck!

Photos shared by Elon Musk revealed the final version of the Tesla Cybertruck pickup. When will productions start?

After years of delays, the Tesla Cybertruck is finally getting into mass production. Photos shared by CEO Elon Musk showed the final version of Cybertruck, which will be a “production candidate”. Musk was also excited by being behind the wheel in one of the photos.

Tesla Cybertruck could hit the road in 2024

Elon Musk has announced that Tesla wants to hold a delivery event for the first Cybertruck models in the third quarter of the year. However, mass production is not expected to start until 2024. That means pre-order customers will have to wait. It has been reported that over 1 million pre-orders have been placed for Cybertruck so far.

Cybertruck, which has a stainless steel body and angular design, was first introduced in 2019 in an eventful way. Elon Musk said that they will start production towards the end of 2021. However, there were numerous delays and production was delayed until 2024.

In July, Tesla built the first Cybertruck prototype in Giga Texas. The price of the electric pickup has not yet been announced, but the first options ranged from 40 thousand to 70 thousand dollars. Inflation and rising production costs indicate that these labels will also increase.

Musk stated in previous statements that Cybertruck “feels like the future”. But he also acknowledged that it had some chance of failing to sell due to its unconventional design.

The wait of millions of customers who pre-ordered may soon be over as Tesla begins preparations for the first deliveries of the Cybertruck. But mass production will be the next challenge for Tesla to overcome.

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