Elon Musk Fired That Woman!

Elon Musk Fired That Woman!

Esther Crawford, photographed sleeping in a sleeping bag and eye patch at Twitter’s headquarters, has been promoted to a senior position. The young woman, whose managerial experience took several months, was fired by Elon Musk.

Elon Musk fired 200 people, including top executive Esther Crawford, who was on the agenda of the whole world with the photo she took in the office with a sleeping bag. Before laying off 200 of his employees, Elon fired him after tweeting “Last day of the rest of your life, have a good Sunday”. After 200 layoffs, the company has about 2,000 employees left. It shocked everyone that Esther Crawford, the product management manager, came to the fore by sharing the photo. Although Musk announced no further layoffs at the end of last November, the 200-employee layoff has been a huge disappointment. An email sent at two o’clock reported that they had been sacked. While the most layoffs were in the management department, there were also layoffs in the human resources, sales, marketing, engineering and finance departments.


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