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Eligibility Criteria for Work Permits in Turkey

Basically there are two main criteria that must be satisfied by the employer of foreign personnel before applying for the working permission. Before all else, Turkish foreign labor quota system prescribes that, for every individual work permit requests, company should employ at least 5 full-time Turkish employees within its workplace.

Additionally the employer must satisfy one of the following financial conditions;

  • · Its paid-in capital of the company should be at least 100,000 Turkish liras, or
  • · Its gross sales amount must be at least TRY 800,000 or
  • · Its export amount in the last year must be at least USD 250,000.

Only after satisfying these two criteria, an employer may consider to hire foreign personnel. Exceptionally, for the foreigners to be employed in associations or foundations, the financial criteria and for the foreigners to be employed in representative agencies of foreign countries’ airlines in Turkey as well as those to be employed in education sector and home services sector, both financial criteria and foreign labor quota will be not applicable. Furthermore for those foreigners to be employed in the companies operating in the entertainment sector as well as those to be employed in the tourism-animation organization firms for occupations requiring expertise, in the existence of 10 Turkish citizen employees, the separate quota system will not be applicable.

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According to competence and the position level, Turkish legislation sets a minimum amount of salary to be paid to the foreign personnel. Accordingly,

  • 6.5 times the minimum wage amount for senior executives and pilots as well as engineers and architects requesting preliminary permit
  • 4 times the minimum wage amount for unit or branch manager as well as engineers and architects
  • 3 times the minimum wage amount for foreigners to be employed for the jobs requiring expertise and proficiency as well as teachers
  • 2 times the minimum wage amount for foreigners to be employed tourism-animation organization firms as an acrobat or in similar position as well as masseur, masseuse and SPA therapist
  • 1.5 times the minimum wage amount for foreigners to be employed in other occupations.
  • Minimum wage amount for foreigners to be employed in home service sector

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam

    I am a UK national looking for work in Turkey as an English language teacher. I currently work in SE Asia. I am both well qualified and have many years experience as a teacher. I will be 65 years old in 2023. I have heard that the age limit for a working visa in Turkey is 60.

    In view of this age limit, could you please tell me if I could LEGALLY:
    1. have paid work teaching online, e.g. teaching students in China, while living in Turkey?
    2. charge for private tuition, e.g. one-to-one, In Turkey?
    3. charge for e.g. proof-reading of essays of students in Turkey?
    4. get a job at a language school, e.g. International House, Izmir?

    At this stage, I have not applied to any school in Turkey, and only mention International House Izmir as I have taught at International House schools elsewhere in the world.

    Yours faithfully and with thanks
    Nicholas Houghton

    1. Dear Mr. Nicholas,

      We havent heard anything about the age limit for work permit applications. As per our experience, you may apply for work permit as a teacher. However there is certain rules and criterias which needs to be followed. One of them, your potentail employer (school) should firstly get a pre permission from provincial directorate for national education. Besides you should have any supportive certificate as TEFL , CELTA and etc in order to teach language. There are additional criterias which should be also taken into account. I can suggest your employer to contact us by email through and we can assist them with work permit application process.

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