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Does International Protection Application Remove Administrative Detention in Turkey?

Foreigners with an administrative detention decision can legally apply for international protection in Turkey. However, as a rule, it does not remove the administrative detention decision for the foreigner held in a Repetration Center to apply for international protection. In particular, if the authorities have serious doubts about the accuracy of your identity information or other information and documents you provide, they may decide to continue your administrative detention until the investigation is concluded. The administrative detention decisions for foreigners who are suspected of threatening public order and public security may not be removed.

Likewise, it should be known that there is always a way to appeal against the administrative detention decision. You can appeal against this decision by using the judicial method. The Criminal Court of Peace evaluates the objections made against the administrative detention decision in Turkey and brings them to a conclusion. However, your application to this court will also not directly lift the administrative detention order against you. Your application here will be evaluated and finalized within 5 days. The decision of the Criminal Court of Peace will be the certa,n decision. Let us remind you that as a result of the final decision, you can use your right to appeal again, once the reasons leading to the administrative detention decision are eliminated.

If you have questions about the removal of the administrative detention decision as a result of an international protection application in Turkey, you can send them to us in the comments section.


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