Contactless Payment Method: Masterpass

The leader of payment systems technologies, Mastercard continues to work for a cashless world. Mastercard has accelerated its efforts to make payments for both online and physical purchases via the digital payment platform Masterpass. Masterpass allows many payment transactions to be made quickly and securely with one click.

In parallel with the increasing importance of physical distance and hygiene with COVID-19, contactless payments are more preferred in payment systems.

In this period, when the share of contactless payments in the total increased to 40 percent, Mastercard accelerated its efforts to make payments for both online and physical shopping via the digital payment platform Masterpass.

One of the recent business and business advantages, Masterpass is a payment method that can go through many payments from purchase to restaurant orders, from payment transactions to round trip loading, and can be performed quickly and reliably.


With the support given to the digitalization of businesses such as cafes and restaurants operating in the food and beverage sector, you can choose to eat, look for change or buy.

Even those who use their payment with Orwi can give tips through the app. Orwi users can make fast and comprehensive payments, and report their restaurant experience with instant feedback, thanks to Mastercard’s customer-oriented products, Masterpass.


With Belbim, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Mastercard transactions can now be loaded quickly, easily and securely on a single account. With the cooperation between the two companies, online contactless payment Masterpass has been integrated into BELBİM’s ‘Istanbulkart Mobile’ application. In this way, 16 million citizens who use public transportation in Istanbul every day can list Masterpasse Day on a single card, using BELBİM’s ‘Istanbulkart Mobile’ application.

A meeting was also held in the events held between Belbim and Mastercard. It defines a gift balance of 15 TL, which allows to get approval from the approval card via Masterpass, the first indirkart mobile application from Istanbul.

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