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Child Abusers Exposed

Child Abusers Exposed

The identities of 27 priests in Canada who have been proven to be involved in child abuse since 1950 have emerged.

The identities of 27 priests named “evidence-based criminals” in the investigation into child sexual abuse in Catholic Churches in Canada have been revealed.

The Canadian Jesuits said in a statement that it was “shameful” that priests were found guilty of sexual abuse while the names of 27 priests were released.

The statement noted that these exploits have been committed since 1950.


The head of the Canadian Jesuits, Pastor Erik Oland, said in a statement that over the past 30-40 years, generations of pastoral abuse have been revealed and the Catholic Church has been slow to respond.


Three of the 27 surviving priests have been sacked, Oland said.

Noting that Canadian Jesuits have been taking precautions since the 1990s to solve the reality of sexual harassment, Oland said that a roadmap has been determined to prevent future sexual abuse and harassment.


Three years ago, an investigation was launched into allegations of sexual abuse of minors in Catholic Churches by Canadian Jesuits and independent auditors. In the investigation, it was determined that 27 priests were guilty according to the evidence.

It was revealed that priests of the Christian Jesuit sect sexually abused Canisius College in Berlin, one of the most respected colleges in Germany. It was later determined that such cases also occurred in some other boarding schools affiliated with Jesuits and Catholics.


Boarding schools in Canada have made history as places where more than 150,000 Native American children have been forcibly removed from their families and cultures in order to be “integrated” into communities dominated by the white majority.

It was alleged that many of these children were subjected to ill-treatment, starvation, cold, sexual and physical abuse.

Child Abusers

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was established in Canada in 2008 to uncover the full extent of the tragedy in the boarding schools.

The commission completed its study of church-affiliated boarding schools operating from 1831-1996 in 2015 and published a 4,000-page report. The commission described the events as “cultural genocide”.

At least 4,200 indigenous children died in these schools as a result of abuse or neglect, the report said.

In Canada, many unofficial child graves have been found in the gardens of some boarding schools under the control of the Catholic Church.

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