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17 Graves Found In The Garden Of A Church School in Canada

17 Graves Found In The Garden Of A Church School in Canada

17 unofficial graves have been identified in the garden of the former Alberni Indian Boarding School on Vancouver Island, Canada.

The indigenous group known as the “First Nation” said 17 unnamed graves were found in the garden of the country’s former Alberni Indian Boarding School on Vancouver Island.

In the statement, it was stated that the detection of the graves that are not included in the official records was made by radar.

In the statement, it was stated that only 10 percent of the 300-hectare area could be scanned, and it was emphasized that the work would continue and more graves could be found.

Ken Watts, one of the “First Nation” officials, stated that at least 67 children died in this school in previous studies.

Stating that the exact number of children who cannot return to their homes will never be determined, Watts underlined that they will reveal the facts about the issue as a society.

There is no data on the number of children enrolled in this school, which has a history of decades.

On January 26, 66 sites thought to be buried on the grounds of a former parish boarding school in Central British Columbia, Canada were identified.

Church School in Canada

On January 18, 171 sites thought to be burials were identified at the site of the old boarding school in the Ontario region of the country, which may be the graves of children staying at the school.

17 Graves Found In The Garden Of A Church School in Canada


Radar scans launched at 139 schools across the country first revealed unregistered burials, along with the remains of 215 children, in the garden of a boarding school in Kamloops, British Columbia, on 29 May 2021.

Cadmus Delorme, First Nation Indigenous Chief of the Cowesses District in Sakatchewan, Canada, announced on June 24, 2021 that unregistered graves containing the remains of 751 children were found in the garden of the Marieval Boarding School, which operated in the area until the 1990s. .

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used the phrase “one of the darkest pages in Canadian history” for the child graves found in the garden of old boarding church schools that had a great impact on the public.


The boarding church schools, the first of which were opened by the Catholic Church in 1840 on behalf of the Canadian government, and the last one was closed in 1997, went down in history as the places where more than 150,000 local children were forcibly taken from their homes. families.

Church School in Canada

The majority of Native American children, forcibly separated from their families and cultures in order to “integrate” into white-majority communities, were allegedly subjected to maltreatment, starvation and cold, as well as sexual and physical abuse. and even medical experiments were performed on some children.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was established in Canada in 2008 to uncover all aspects of the tragedy in the boarding schools.

Listening to more than 6,000 survivors, the Commission completed its work in 2015 and published a 4,000-page report describing the events as “cultural genocide”.

While the number of children who died while staying in church schools is given as 4,200 in some sources, it is stated in the Commission’s report that this number is 5,995 because the deaths are not documented by church administrations.

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