Same-Sex Married Couple Abused Their Two Adopted Children in the USA

It was determined that a gay couple in the US state of Georgia abused their two adopted sons. The actions of the couple, who marketed their children to the prostitution gang, received a great reaction.

The actions of a gay couple in the US state of Georgia were on the agenda of the country.

It turned out that the same-sex couple abused their adopted children.

The conservative website and radio news service Townhall, which follows the investigation process, has reached a copy of the indictment in the case where the married gay couple is on trial.

The indictment of the couple, whose assets were confiscated, was tried for at least 9 years in prison, and revealed the details of how the two married men abused their adopted children.

It was determined that they abused two children aged 9 and 11 for 4 years.

In the 17-item indictment prepared against the couple, who were detained in the state of Georgia in July last year, it was stated that the couple had abused their adopted children, aged 9 and 11, for about 4 years.

The indictment also included information that the couple sold the children to a prostitution gang in the Atlanta area via popular social media platforms.

The Information They Sold To The Prostitution Gang Included

Evidence presented to the court included more than 100 photographs of child abuse, recordings of phone calls with members of pedophilia gangs, and forensic reports documenting child abuse.

Speaking to Townhall on the subject, the couple’s relatives said that about a year after adopting the children, the same-sex couple began to lead an “extravagant lifestyle”.

Adoption Requests Accepted ‘Quickly’

On the other hand, it is stated that the adoption requests of the couple were accepted “quickly” by the relevant institution.

William Dale Zulock, 33, a government employee living in Oxford, Georgia, and Zachary Jocoby Zulock, 35, a former banker, were detained in July after police received a tip that they had downloaded child pornography at their home.

They Confessed

The couple was arrested on July 27, 2022, when evidence documenting that they sexually abused children was found during a search of their residence.

The same-sex couple was charged with sodomy, child abuse, gross sexual abuse of children and forcing minors into prostitution.

William admitted to abusing his 11-year-old son, while Zachary admitted to sharing recorded pornographic images of the children.

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  1. These guys are not gay. The biggest pedophiles in history is the church! Everyday a new preacher or church member is being charged with sexual misconduct of a child. Churches pay insurance companies for protection of finances if they get caught molesting the children. Gays do not want your ugly kids! Those are pedophiles. You’ll do anything not to admit you are gay?

    1. Shane, I think your house needs to be raided, let me guess you are a member of a certain community that is now offended because a part of your group was caught…..

    2. They are not gay, they just sleeping together and making sex, you are instable in your hear, sick, go resolve your mind problem, you didn’t born gay, you become gay, because sombody abused you when you were child that’s all

  2. America is going down hill with so many people supporting the gay adopting kids and destroy their life’s only you find in Europe and USA if this was happening in Arabic countries they would be hanged straight away this law is a joke few years prison for people paying taxes for them (gay), (pedos),pederast ptuuu

  3. These are two of the lowest turds imaginable. I read that the boys were in foster care because their parents are addicted to heroine. It’s so sad. Our society is shameful. Victimizing our most innocent and vulnerable citizens. I almost threw up reading about this. What will become of the boys now? These two, selfish, perverted, dick guys need to go to a dark corner in prison and never be seen again. But what happens to these two kids is something we should ALL be paying attention to. We can’t let them down again.

    1. Sadly, they (the two boys) will be traumatized for the rest of their lives. They will have a huge difficulty trusting anyone new that comes into their lives, especially any new male adults, even if they are loving and kind and caring. Their ability to create a strong/health attachment to another adult will be very hard for the both of them. I just hope they can get the medical help and therapy that they will need for the rest of their lives at no cost. They shouldn’t have to pay for therapy or anything like that in their future, the government or whomever should cover those costs, I think.

  4. What do you expect when you put kids in the hands of predatory faggots. These scum bags should face the death penalty.

      1. Christians should never sit quietly when another human being is being tortured. We are the warriors of God. We fight.

    1. Absolutely ! These poor children will need intensive therapy indefinitely. I just hope these two get beat to death in prison. Death penalty is too quick for what they deserve !

  5. This proves definitively why it is an absolute travesty that homosexuals were ever allowed to adopt children in the first place. These men deserve to spend the remainder of their lives in prison for what they have done. It’s not bad enough that they adopted two innocent boys for the express purpose of molesting, but they documented the abuse on video to disseminate to other pederasts. And if that wasn’t bad enough, they pimped these boys out to their other pederast friends. I hope the boys are able to give the names of every last one who molested them and put them all in prison.

    1. The institution or agency that allowed this adoption , surely, needs to be charged too. How in the world do you give children to gay coupled????? No, the law needs to charge this adoption office too

      1. Your remark is stupid honestly it’s on one’s business if they were gay or not they are people sick nasty people but being gay doesn’t define them although the media started that when they made a HUGE DEAL about this gay couple has adopted . I have heard of all shapes sex n sizes sexually abusing children !! Worry about the children. It weather a couple is gay or not !!!!!!

    2. The same thing happens with heterosexual couples and you’re not preventing them from getting married and adopting children. I know cuz I was personally sexually abused at 5 years old and a heterosexual foster home. Does the height of contradiction. Besides the fact that majority of homosexual people are born to heterosexual people. I think there should be a death sentence for this kind of abuse whether you’re heterosexual or homosexual or Force castration and then they should put into be general population in prison.

      1. Of course they were born to a heterosexual couple, a homosexual couple can’t have children and they should not be able to adopt them either. These people go straight to hell. God said it is an abomination and will go to hell.

    3. Yes, only mom’s and dad’s should be able to abuse their kids, not dad’s and dad’s.

  6. I’d like to know why a search for their last name in all the major news outlets turns up nothing – except for NBC news, and it is very downplayed.

    1. Obviously this is being kept from being headline news since it would bring some clarity to the problem of the gay agenda in this country.

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