Will TikTok be shut down in Turkey? Is a Ban Coming?

Will TikTok be shut down in Turkey? Is a Ban Coming?

After a law proposal was prepared for the closure of TikTok in Turkey, the Chairman of the Digital Media Commission made a statement on the issue. Here are the details!

TikTok is one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world and continues to be popular as it is the starting point for videos that almost always become a trend. However, this popularity unfortunately also causes all eyes to be on it.

As it is known, it seems to be a matter of time before TikTok is banned in the process leading up to the filing of a lawsuit in the USA and even the company directly closing the application in the USA. While this process continues, MPs in Turkey have been speaking out about TikTok for the last 2 weeks, expressing their demands for the application to be shut down.

Last month, MHP MP Halil Öztürk stated that TikTok is one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world and in Turkey, with more than 1 billion users worldwide and 30 million in Turkey.

Is it Possible to Ban TikTok in Turkey?

Last week, MHP MPs made various statements about the application, saying that TikTok harms moral and national values, and that their party is preparing a bill to ban the TikTok application.

The next spokesperson on the issue was Hüseyin Yayman, Chairman of the TBMM Digital Media Commission. He spoke about whether TikTok, which has been the subject of “scandals” with many “unpleasant” videos shared and live broadcasts, will be closed down.

Hüseyin Yayman: “They are banning TikTok in America. We are against bans, but in Turkey this will end up in a ban. Unfortunately, there is a relationship here where we can never get distance with words, advice and requests.”

Expressing how dangerous it is to be “trolled” on social media, Yayman says that he is worried that this situation is happening in the field of journalism, politics and every aspect of life, as it is in TikTok. He continues his statements as follows:

“In December, he came to our commission, we listened to his friends; very important, fundamental questions were asked here. The Director of Public Policy said, ‘We will answer some of these questions orally and some of them in writing. But the answers are not convincing and satisfactory. Nor do they respond to the questions asked. There are very serious criticisms especially in terms of sharing content on this platform. It is also coming to you, so we are faced with a situation where the spear no longer fits in the sack. In the final analysis, as MPs, we all defend freedom of speech and freedom of opinion. We are all against censorship and bans. But in the final analysis, public order must be maintained. We all have children. Children need to be protected, families need to be protected, young people need to grow up with a healthier psyche. Personally, our commission is also against bans, but in the final analysis, our commission needs to do something about this issue. I would like to present this to the appreciation and discussions of our commission.”

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