Cargo Transport with Drone Coming Soon

Cargo Transport with Drone Coming Soon

Another demonstration of the future of cargo transport with drone was made. This time, Zipline company is in front of us with Platform 2 (P2) system.

Many different companies are working on transporting cargo quickly with drones. While even Google showed interest in this area, Zipline company became the last star of the process. The company, which has made a splash today with Platform 2 (P2), wants to carry out short-haul transportation directly from the air with the electric aircraft called “P2 Zip eVTOL”. The company’s P2 Zip eVTOL aircraft transports the small loads (up to 5 kg) loaded into it to the designated address by ascending to a height of 91 meters. When it comes to the location, a “droid” is lowered to the ground by cable from inside the aircraft. Carrying this load to be delivered, the droid can land at the specified point even in windy conditions, since there is an engine behind it. Stating that with this infrastructure it has established, they can complete deliveries of 16 km (it takes 1 hour in some regions with cargo vehicles) from end to end in 10 minutes, Zipline is among the names working for large-scale general use. However, it is not expected that this infrastructure will become a regular part of daily life even in the next 5-6 years. We need more time for these systems. The content on this site and its linked pages; It cannot be used, reproduced or changed in whole or in part, even by citing the source or by quoting, without the written permission of LOG.

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