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Can I Pay My Visa Violation Penalty Without Exit from Turkey?

Firstly, it should be known that foreigners who do not have a valid visa or residence permit in Turkey may be subject to a visa violation penalty and deportation penalty. Visa violation penalty is applied in two different concepts. If a foreigner has entered the country illegally and this situation is determined by the Provincial Immigration Administration, the person will be deported and an entry ban will be given to foreigner. In addition, these people are required to pay an administrative fine when exiting. You must pay the administrative fine resulting from this visa violation when exiting Turkey and exit the country. You must have a valid visa to re-enter to Turkey. In other words, you do not have the right to stay in the country again by paying this fine, which is incurred because you have already violated your visa in Turkey.

Despite entering the country legally, there are many foreigners who experience visa violations. A foreigner who enters the country with a visa but does not leave the country despite the expiry of the visa will have to pay a visa violation penalty. In addition, it will be possible for these people to be banned from entering the country for a certain period of time. In this case, the person will have to take action to remove the entry ban in order to re-enter the country. The penalty for visa violation must be paid when leaving the country. In case of exiting without paying a penalty, a ban on entry to Turkey will be issued for these people for a period of 5 years.

If you have questions about foreigners paying visa violation penalties without leaving Turkey, you can send them to us in the comments section.


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