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Can Humanitarian Residence Permits Be Extended in Turkey? How to Extend?

First of all, it should be known that humanitarian residence permits do not have the criteria to be legally present in Turkey, but are in serious security etc. It is a type of residence permit applied by foreigners who cannot enter the country by normal means due to special circumstances such as Foreigners who are smuggled in Turkey and do not have a valid passport cannot apply for a family, short-term or student residence permit. Foreigners who do not have the right to apply for such Residence Permits can apply for a Humanitarian Residence permit. Humanitarian residence permit can be issued by provincial directorates of migration administration, without seeking the conditions for issuing other residence permits, with the approval of the Ministry of Interior, and for a maximum period of one year. Applications for humanitarian residence permits, which are usually issued in extraordinary circumstances, are made to the Immigration Administration. As with other types of residence permits, it cannot be done via e-residence. The application can be made directly by the applicant or by his lawyer instead. The humanitarian residence permit is limited to the periods given by the ministry. However, with the approval of the General Directorate, a humanitarian residence permit can be issued by the governorates and the duration of this permit can be extended. The extension application for the humanitarian residence permit is made to the Migration Authorities, just like the first application.

If you have questions about the extension of their humanitarian residence permit by foreigners, you can send them to us in the comments section.


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