Can Foreigners who Applied for International Protection Go to University in Turkey?

Firstly, you should know foreigners who are legally in Turkey and who can document that they meet the necessary conditions for education are accepted to educational institutions. First of all, it is required to complete high school education in order to be a student of higher education, known as university education. If a foreigner has completed his high school education in Turkey, he can certify it with his diploma, if he has completed it abroad, he can certify it with the help of an equivalence document by applying to the Accreditation Unit at the Provincial Directorate of National Education in the city where he is legally registered. With this equivalence certificate, foreigners meet one of the prerequisites for university education.

On the other hand, foreigners who want to study at a university in Turkey must take the Foreign Student Exam, also known as YÖS, organized by universities and achieve the necessary success. Foreigners who achieve this success can enroll in the departments they apply to by providing the information and documents requested by the university. Let us remind you that depending on the nature of the university you are applying to, different departments in foundation or state universities may be paid. It will be very useful for foreigners to learn all the details carefully before applying to the university.

Foreigners who have applied for international protection in Turkey can apply for university education. If foreigners who are entitled to settle in a university program after meeting the necessary conditions have settled in a university in a city other than their city as asylum seekers, these foreigners must apply to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management in the city where you are registered, with their placement result documents. During this application, the foreigner should clearly explain his situation and mention that he has to change city due to education. If this request of the foreigner is accepted, this change must be notified to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management within 20 working days. You can learn the details and application information for a foreign student to receive university education in Turkey from the universities’ own websites.

If you have any questions about foreigners applying for international protection to receive university education in Turkey, you can send them to us in the comments section.


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