Can Foreigners Get Married in Turkey ?

Of course, in case of completing required legal procedures and meet some requirements, foreigners can marry and divorce in Turkey. On the other hand, having married in Turkey can be a dream for many foreigners who want to accomplish one day. Because Turkey, with many pastoral areas, amazing wedding venue, beaches, mountains and recreational areas, resorts and offers fascinating possibilities, offer amazing holiday and wedding alternatives for people who will get married in Turkey or have a honeymoon. The best and most beautiful part of the marriage in Turkey, immediately after the wedding, the honeymoon couples to the nearest resort without losing their ability to start reaching out in a very short period of time. Perhaps a private tour or a Gulet cruise in the Aegean may be one of the options of the honeymoon holiday.

What are the marriage procedures for foreigners in Turkey ?

According to the Turkish Marriage Law and regulations, a Turkish citizen can marry each other with a foreigner or two different foreigners from different nationalities, and this is done only by the authorized Turkish authorities. Two people from same nationality can get married in Turkey’s foreign embassy or consular office in their country or operated by local municipalities in Turkey Marriage Bureau. It should be remembered that religious weddings in accordance with beliefs are not recognized by the state, and the legal one should be a civil wedding.

Whether foreigners or Turkish people get all marriages, the process carried out by the Turkish authorities and carried out by the Turkish Civil Code and related regulations.

Foreigners who want to marry in Turkey (or foreigners with Turkish nationality), with receiving from the authorities of their country, and must provide proof that they are not currently married. Otherwise, it is not possible for the Turkish authorities to have a new marriage. In this case, under Turkish law, couples who are already married can not get married in Turkey.

What are the required conditions for a valid marriage in Turkey ?

Some conditions that must be met for a valid marriage by Turkish law include:

Adequacy of marriage: Only those who have the power of discrimination and sufficient mental capacity are allowed to marry. Mental diseases are obstacles for marriage. In addition, a person must be at least 18 years old to be married.

Kinship degree: Marriage between close relatives is prohibited.

Existing marital status: Monogamy is one of the basic principles of Turkish family law. If it does not exist, it is not possible to have a second marriage before the previous marriage ends.

Waiting period: Married women whose marriage ends are not able to get married until the end of three hundred days (nine months) from the date of termination. In addition, the decision to divorce can specify a waiting period in which the spouse cannot get married.

Disease: Epilepsy, hysteria, etc. Some diseases such as, constitute an obstacle for marriage.

What are the required documents for marriage ?

Marriage Application Petition

The foreigner couples who decided to marry and start marriage procedures should apply to the municipality of their residence region and they should fill the “Banns of Marriage” petition.

Passport and National ID Card

By relevant authorities, the passport and national ID card should be translated into the Turkish language. Foreigners can provide the sworn translation from their nation’s Turkish Embassy or from a certified notary in Turkey.

Health Certificate

A health report can be obtained from a state health institution called “Medical Center” or “State Hospital”. The reports provided by private hospitals or clinics will not be accepted.


Six passport size photographs of the bride and groom are required.

Certificate of Celibacy

The “Certificate of Celibacy” should be taken from the foreigner’s own country’s related authorities that shows the marital status of a person. If this document is to be issued in the foreign country, it must be certified or apostilled by the Turkish Consulate or Embassy there. It should also be translated into Turkish, and must be notarized, otherwise the marriage would not be valid in operation in Turkey. The Foreigners Certificate of Foreigners located in Istanbul can also be issued by the Consulate of the country authorized by the Governorship of Istanbul. If provided by the embassy of the foreign countries in Ankara it must be certified by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Accommodation Certificate

If two foreigners are not citizen of Turkey, they should take a letter from the accommodition facility in Turkey. In this letter, the duration of the stay at the facility and the date of departure must be stated.

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  1. Hello
    Is there a list of offices that can facilitate expats civil marriage in Turkey? If the two expats are different nationalities, could they get married in the consulate of one of both countries?

  2. Hello my name is Eisa I am a 39byear old male Canadian citizen residing in iran my girl friend is iranaian citizen and she is also living in iran as well actually we both live together…we want to marry in turkey and have our marrige certificates given to Canadian embassy in Ankara how can we Marr in turkey and what are the legaprocedures es

    1. Hello,

      There is a list of documents which should be completed in order to be eligible to marry in Turkey. Kindly ask you to contact local municipality for the list of required documents.

      Thank you,

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