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Can Foreign Students Work in Turkey ?

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  • How to get Turkish Citizenship by Foreign Students in Turkey ?
  • What are the Job Opportunities for Foreign Students in Turkey ?

According to the Turkish Law, it’s forbidden to work without a valid work permit by foreigners. Also, unlike other countries, for part-time foreign students in Turkey, it is not very easy to find a job. This is because most employers want to employ Turkish-speaking employees. All of these obstacles as well as opportunities for foreign students in Turkey are also available. In this article, we will mention about working conditions for foreign students in Turkey, you can find a student work permit and wondered about job opportunities for students.

How to get Turkish Citizenship by Foreign Students in Turkey ?

Recently, the International Labor Code entered into force for students who have master education in Turkey which provides working for them legally.  It is a regulation that makes legal that foreigner master students can work in Turkey. However, this law does not cover undergraduate students. Turkey, however, regardless of the future bachelor’s degree, it aims to provide a work permit in Turkey for foreign students and graduates.

Foreign graduate students when they have a valid work permit in Turkey, continues to benefit from a residence permit. In addition, they get benefit from the same rights with a valid residence permit in Turkey. In addition to these principles, the foreign ministry has been responsible for determining the procedures to manage the employment of these foreign students. Decisions are taken based on these principles and the guidelines set by the Migration Policy Committee. If you are a foreign student and have recently completed your studies at a Turkish university, you can apply for a work permit. You should apply within one year of graduation. After applying, you will be directed to the International Labor Policy Advisory Board, which will review the application and make decisions based on basic principles.

What are the Job Opportunities for Foreign Students in Turkey ?

First of all, using internet will be so helpful for you while searching for jobs. You need to prepare a comprehensive and detailed CV to present to your potential employer. You can then apply for vacancies with your CV. Generally for communicating, English, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish and many other languages that use other companies are also available. After making a few applications, you can be sure that you will get a response if you search your job in the right place.

If you are looking for a professional and well-paid job in Turkey, consulates, embassies and global companies are required in your job search. However, finding a job in these areas is very challenging as the applicants’ competition is high. Another business opportunities that exist in Turkey, teach your native language to other students. The language that Turkish students try to learn the most is English. As an English speaking foreign student, you can be sure to find such jobs anytime and anywhere. However, there are also jobs that earn better profits for those who have a foreign language certificate. Working in foreign language courses will allow you to have a good paid temporary job.

As another opportunity, some Turkish companies want to employ foreigners in their organizations. Some companies that want to hire foreigners include news centers, magazines, newspapers and other publications. Foreigners are asked to translate the publications into foreign languages in these places. Among the job opportunities available in these companies are editorship, interpreting and journalism.

For foreign students seeking temporary job opportunities, the vacant positions of the type mentioned above are shared on the bulletin boards across the university. These job opportunities are also available in magazines. Especially for summer season, there are a lot of job opportunities in Turkey for foreigners. The biggest difficulty with working in the tourism sector is that it includes long working hours throughout the week until the end of the summer season. Foreign students also have the chance to work as a babysitter for families living in cities.

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