BMW Reverses Its Reactionary Decision: Heated Seats Now Free!

BMW Reverses Its Reactionary Decision: Heated Seats Now Free!

BMW has backtracked on its decision regarding the paid sale of heated seats, which has been under fire for a long time. Here are the details!

BMW caused quite a stir last year when it introduced a subscription option for heated car seats.

The idea of having to pay $18 a month to keep your back seat warm during the winter months still seems as ridiculous as ever, but the good news is that the German automaker has now decided to scrap this subscription system.

What particularly annoyed customers was that they felt they were being forced to pay extra for functions that were previously expected as standard. This even led to a hacker community offering their services to unlock this feature for those who didn’t want to pay extra.

BMW owners in Germany, the United Kingdom and some other countries were forced to pay, although this approach has not been implemented everywhere in the world.

Heated Seats

Why BMW reversed its decision to sell heated seats for free

However, in a recent interview with Autocar, Pieter Nota, BMW’s board member for sales and marketing, said that while some functions, such as driving and parking assistance, will continue to be available on a subscription-only basis, heated seats will no longer be sold on a subscription service.

“We thought we would provide an extra service to the customer by offering the chance to activate the heated seats later, but user acceptance is not that high. People think they are paying twice as much, which was not true, but as I always say, perception is reality. That’s why we stopped it.”

So what do you think about BMW’s decision? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. Source

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