Bing Passes 100 Million Daily Active Users

Bing Passes 100 Million Daily Active Users

Microsoft announced that with the addition of ChatGPT, Bing has managed to exceed 100 million daily active users. Details are here!

According to Yusuf Mehdi of Microsoft, Bing surpassed 100 million daily active users a month after the launch of the artificial intelligence chatbot. After the technology giant released its next-generation version, even those who have not used Bing in the past started to rely on Bing for their searches. Mehdi stated that one-third of Bing’s daily active users have just started using the search engine.

“We see this interest in the new Bing as validating our view that search needs to be reinvented and our unique value proposition that combines Search + Answers + Chat + Creation in one experience.” aforementioned.

In addition to the increase in numbers, Microsoft is also experiencing growth in engagement as more people search. The company relies on two factors for this victory; First, the increase in Edge usage is likely driven by the addition of Bing’s chat AI as a new feature. He also said that the introduction of the Prometheus artificial intelligence model makes Bing’s search results more relevant, so people use the search engine more, or at least try it.


Google Wants to Counter the Competition

It seems that about a third of Bing’s daily preview users use chat AI for their queries every day. According to Microsoft, there has been an average of three chats and more than 45 million chats per session since the new Bing was launched. And in 15% of all chat sessions, users use Bing to create new content. The mobile launch of Bing’s artificial intelligence chatbot took the search engine to a new level of popularity, resulting in a six-fold increase in daily active users before it became available.

Earlier this year, Microsoft integrated an AI chatbot into Bing, giving the search engine the weapon it needed to compete against Google. But Google has plans to launch its own chatbot, and last month it introduced a chat AI called Bard. Bard didn’t have much success in its unofficial debut, but Google is working with his team to improve the chatbot’s responsiveness before it’s rolled out.

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