Big Mistake from Tesla

Big Mistake from Tesla

A Tesla owner in the USA realized that with the Tesla application, he could open the door of any vehicle. The interesting event became the agenda on social media.

Big Mistake from Tesla

Electric car giant Tesla is experiencing a very critical vulnerability. According to the incident in the USA, a Tesla owner realized that he was able to unlock another Tesla vehicle thanks to the error in the application. The driver, who could enter the Tesla model he wanted by opening the lock, was also able to start the engine.

He drove someone else’s car because of a bug in the Tesla app

Tesla driver named Rajesh Randev encountered an interesting error in March. According to his incident, Randev unlocked a vehicle he thought was his Model 3 using the Tesla app. On his way to pick up his kids from school, Randev noticed a crack in the windshield he hadn’t seen before.After a while, he got a warning message saying he was driving the wrong car. Worried as a result of this situation, Randev realized that the vehicle belonged to someone else. Apparently, Randev’s Model 3 was parked next to another similar-looking Tesla vehicle. For some unknown reason, the app unlocked the other vehicle.

Although it looks quite interesting, Randev was able to return the Tesla model to its rightful owner. They reported the incident to the police without any action. After the police report, it managed to become the agenda on social media.

The Tesla application offers many functions such as unlocking, starting, climate control and battery monitoring. But for a driver to use the app, they need to directly match the car. This makes it unclear how Randev was able to drive into someone else’s car.

Rajesh Randev reached out to Tesla regarding the matter. However, no statement was made to him from the company. It should also be noted that this error has not yet been seen in a different user.

So what do you think about this error about the Tesla application? Do not forget to share your views with us in the Comments section.

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