Beykoz Public Hospital

Beykoz Public Hospital

The hospital started to serve as the S.S.K Dispensary in 1955. In July 1962, it continued to serve as S.S.K Paşabahçe Hospital with a bed capacity of 241. Until the establishment of Okmeydanı and Göztepe Hospitals of the institution in early 1970, it served at the level of Training Hospital. With the opening of Okmeydanı and Göztepe Training Hospitals in 1971, it continued to serve as S.S.K Paşabahçe Hospital. Between 1985-1991, first new polyclinic, laboratory and radiology units were opened, then the number of licensed beds increased to 453 with the addition of additional buildings and service areas to the unit. As of August 1, 2009, it has been decided that Beykoz State Hospital and Paşabahçe State Hospital will be combined under a single chief physician and the services will be carried out under the name of Beykoz State Hospital. It continues to serve as “BEYKOZ STATE HOSPITAL SUPPLEMENTARY SERVICE UNIT ON TOP”. It still continues its activities under the name of Istanbul Beykoz State Hospital under the Ministry of Health. Istanbul Beykoz State Hospital is subject to T.C Health Legislation and operates in accordance with these laws and regulations.

In the hospital, studies are carried out for both infrastructure and service diversity and quality in order to provide the conditions that will better meet the expectations of patients and employees. Also, studies are carried out for both infrastructure and service diversity and quality in order to provide the conditions that will better meet the expectations of patients and employees.

You can find all of the polyclinics below.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,

Orthopedics and Traumatology, 









Internal diseases,

Palliative Care Service,

Chest Diseases,

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,

Infectious Diseases, 

Child Health and Diseases,



Thoracic Surgery,



Nose and Throat Diseases,

Cardiac surgery,

Gynecology and Obstetrics,

Eye diseases,  

Pediatric Surgery,

General Surgery,

Brain and Nerve Surgery,


Anesthesia and Reanimation.

You can go Beykoz Public Hospital easily from different locations of İstanbul. If you want to reach the hospital by public transportation, there are several different ways that you can prefer to reach Bahçelievler Public Hospital such as; bus and minibus.

By Bus:

If you prefer to reach Beykoz Public Hospital by bus, you can reach the hospital by taking 5 different bus lines such as; 11H, 121A, 121BS, 135A, 15BK.

By minibus:

You can also prefer to use minibus lines. There are a line that you can use to reach the hospital. (MİNİBÜS: C-306 )

Hospital Website:

You can reach other hospitals in Turkey by this link: Hospitals in Turkey

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    My name is mohammad odat…I’m lookin for ms hatice karacam…she is a doctor which helped me alot during my illness in turky at 2021 since I got infected by corona virus…I just to be sure that she is OK….since I did not hear from her since February..I knew she was a volunteer during the earthquake…please let me know her situation .. I saw that she is working your in your hospitall
    I’ll highly appreciate your reply.
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