9-month-old Baby Clings to Life with Marrow Transplantation

9-month-old Lütfi Höl, who needed a marrow transplant to survive, regained his health with the marrow taken from his brother.

The second child of Hilal-Bilal Höl couple living in Konya died 11 years ago due to severe immune system disease.

The son of the Höl couple, who was grieving the loss of their child, Lütfi, who was born 10 years later, was also diagnosed with the same disease 5 months after his birth.

The family was informed that the baby, who came to Antalya right after the diagnosis and was treated at the Medical Park Hospital, needed a marrow transplant.

The Höl family, who was deeply saddened, laughed when it was determined that the marrow of their 14-year-old first child, Rahim Höl, was compatible with his brother.

Bone marrow taken from his brother was transplanted into Lütfi baby. Lütfi baby, whose values ​​quickly returned to normal after the transplant and clinging to life, is kept in a special room to prevent infection.

The Höl family awaits the day they will be discharged from the hospital with their babies in good health

“It’s been a miracle for us to hold on to life”

Father Bilal Höl said that their baby’s life started with a great struggle.

Stating that her baby recovered quickly after the marrow transplant, Höl said, “My son’s heart stopped 4 times. He was intubated and remained in intensive care. Doctors said that he was a strong baby struggling to survive. It was a miracle for us that he survived.” said.

Explaining that they are waiting for the day when he will be discharged from the hospital with his son in good health, Höl said, “We are having minor problems with his nutrition, but it will all pass. We did not want to experience the pain of a second child.” he said.

“Our aim is to ensure that she continues her normal life 1 year after the transplant”

Expressing that he could not work because he was in the hospital for months and therefore they had financial difficulties, Höl noted that they were waiting for help from philanthropists.

Prof. from Medical Park Antalya Hospital, Department of Pediatric Hematology. Dr. Vedat Uygun stated that little Lütfi had a bone marrow transplant from his brother in full harmony.

Stating that they found that the marrow was holding in the analysis, Uygun said, “He had some problems after the transplant, he had a convulsion, he went to the intensive care unit due to respiratory failure, he had some viral diseases but gradually improved. He is better now and can go home from time to time. Our goal is to live a normal life 1 year after the transplant. to keep it going.” used the phrases.

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