Soke Fehime-Faik Kocagoz Public Hospital

Soke Fehime-Faik Kocagoz Public Hospital

Söke is a district on the Aegean Sea, located in the west of Aydın in the Aegean Region. It is the largest district in the province in terms of 1064 km² area, and the third largest district in terms of population after Efeler and Nazilli. Söke, formerly known as Σώκια, Sokia, Aneon, is said to have brought Turkmen tribes here in 1300, towards the end of Byzantine rule, and made Söke the center of the tribe on behalf of the grandfather of Süleyman Shah, the head of one of these tribes. Söke, which was the center of the Menteşe Principality in 1426, continued to be the center of the Menteşe Sanjak of the Aydın Province during the Ottoman period, but from the 17th century on, the flag of Kaptanpaşa State was connected to the Sığla province of Aydın Province (Aydın Province after 1861). remained an accident. After 1924, it became the district of Aydın. From Söke between the 19th and 20th centuries, nomadic tribes belonging to the Bozdoğan Tribe were forced to migrate by the Ottoman State to regions such as Kozan Postkabasakal Village, Zeytinbeli town, Tarsus and Çukurova.

In the new hospital, which started to serve in 2004, technological infrastructure is being created and developed in order to increase the quality of healthcare service delivery, and personnel training is also given great importance. Keeping the holistic satisfaction of patients and employees at the highest level with its modern building and infrastructure, and its highly qualified team; It is a hospital that strives to be the designer, implementer and pioneer of health-related innovations in the region, with an operating system management aiming continuous improvement, using continuous education, measurement and improvement methods. The main goal of Söke Fehime-Fahime kocagöz Public Hospital is to increase the satisfaction of the people by offering respectful, honest, reliable, friendly, high quality and easily accessible health services based on the human principle before compromising the conscientious ethics and principles while using modern technology and current information.

You can find all of the polyclinics below.

Family Medicine,

Anesthesiology and Reanimation,

Neurosurgery (Brain and Nerve Surgery),

Pediatric Surgery,

Pediatric Health and Diseases,

Skin and Venereal Diseases,

Infectious Diseases (Infectious Diseases),

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation,

General Surgery,

Chest Surgery,

Chest Diseases,

Eye Diseases Internal Diseases (Internal Medicine),

Gynecology and Obstetrics,

Cardiovascular Surgery,




Orthopedics and Traumatology,




You can reach Söke Fehime-Fahime kocagöz Public Hospital by using 403 and 404 bus lines.

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