Türkiye Raised a Target in Health Tourism

Tevfik Yazan, President of the Turkish Federation of Health Tourism Associations (TURSAF), said that they expect a 25-30 percent increase in health tourism revenues and the number of patients in 2023.

The writer said that health tourism is a very important alternative in spreading the tourism of the country and the Mediterranean Region to 12 months, and that despite the negativities in the world, there has been an increase in the number of guests hosted for health purposes in Turkey.

Noting that the foreign exchange inflow from health tourism has increased in recent years, Yazan noted that while 1.7 billion dollars of foreign currency inflow was provided with 670 thousand tourists in 2021, this increased to 1 million 280 thousand tourists and 2 billion dollars in 2022.

Expressing that Turkey deserves more, Yazan noted that they have increased their targets and that they can get a larger share of the health tourism cake with branding.

Emphasizing that Turkey is on a stable path in health tourism despite the negativities such as economic turmoil and natural disasters, the writer stated that the reason for this is that those seeking treatment in Turkey want reliability as well as being economical.

Stating that Turkey has become one of the first 3-4 countries in the world in surgical branches, infertility, IVF treatments, oncological treatments, aesthetic operations, eye and dental treatment and hair transplantation, Yazan said, “The reliability and more economical health service provided at high standards. “This has brought success. Our country carries with it additional advantages in health care. For example, people and their relatives engage in additional tourism activities during the treatment process. Sea, sun, historical, cultural structure and culinary richness are just a few of these additional advantages of our country,” he said.

Pointing out that they are in demand from European countries, especially Germany, England, the Netherlands, and the Middle East in health tourism, Yazan said, “These are mostly coming for hair transplantation, dental and eye treatment and aesthetics. When we consider our advantages regarding the sub-branches of tourism, We expect an increase of at least 25-30 percent in 2023 compared to the previous year in terms of the number of patients and income. made its assessment.

“We are good at this, we are showing that we are good”

Turkish Hoteliers Federation (TÜROFED) Board Member and Alanya Touristic Operators Association (ALTID) President Burhan Sili said that they made a promotion about health at the ITB Berlin International Tourism Fair this year as part of their efforts to diversify products in tourism.

Stating that Turkey sees serious demand from countries with close flight distance in health tourism, Sili said, “England, Russia and the Middle East are some of these markets. It is possible to attract tourists with high added value and to diversify our product, as well as to extend the season. They don’t have to come,” he said.

Stating that Istanbul and Antalya are among the cities that are in demand in the field of health, Sili emphasized that hospitals and clinics in Antalya and Alanya are in a serious structuring.

Noting that people come here, they can both meet their health-related demands for aesthetics, dental and hair transplantation, and also have a vacation, Sili said:

“Our country will continue the process by developing in health tourism. There is a difference of 1 to 20 in terms of added value between those who come for sea, sand and sun and those who come for health tourism. This is important for the country’s economy and for us. Both medical professionals, entrepreneurs and tourism professionals. We’re good at that, and we’re showing that we’re good.”

Sili stated that tourism, which is stuck in 5-6 months with the introduction of culture, sports and other products, will spread to 8-9 months, adding that this will positively affect other dynamics in the city.

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