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Cunda island is also known as Alibey island and is located in Ayvalik district of Balikesir. It is located in the tourism region of Turkey, where people go for vacation and sightseeing during tourism periods. With this aspect, it attracts the attention of both tourists and Turkish people.

Where is Cunda Island?

Cunda Island is an island connected to Ayvalik district of Balikesir province due to its location. In Ayvalik Bay, there are 22 islands of various sizes within the Ayvalik Islands. Cunda Island has taken its place among these islands and is known as the only island open to settlement. It is Turkey’s fourth largest island in the Aegean Sea. Cunda Island is also located at the intersection of sea routes in Western Anatolia due to its location. The first largest island of Turkey in the Aegean Sea is Gökçeada, the second largest island is Bozca island, the third largest island is Uzun island and the fourth largest island is Cunda island or Ali Bey island.

Ayvalik Cunda island

The connection of Cunda island to the mainland is provided by two big bridges. The first Bosphorus bridge, built in 1964 and located around the Dolap Strait, connects Cunda Island and Lale Island.

How to go to Cunda Island?

The route to Cunda Island varies according to the region. For convenience, land, sea and air routes can be used depending on the location. For example, if you are going to Cunda island from Istanbul and you prefer to use the sea route, you need to come to Balikesir with İDO ferries. Then you can reach Ayvalik district and Cunda island from Balikesir province.


If you want to go to Cunda island by road or with your own vehicle, you need to reach Ayvalik directly. Afterwards, on the condition of using the Bosphorus Bridge, you can reach the island of Cunda by driving 8 kilometers further. If you want to come to Cunda island from a much longer distance, you need to land at Balikesir airport by using the airline. Afterwards, you can go to Ayvalik district and then to Cunda island by using the highway.


Cunda Island Attractions

We have included the following places in the list of places to visit on the island of Cunda, and the names of the places on this list are listed as follows:

  • Cunda Beach
  • Lovers hill
  • Taksiyarhis Church
  • Cunda Beach Bazaar
  • Stone Coffee
  • Despot House
  • Moonlight Monastery
  • Tamarhane Island
  • Ayvalik Center
  • Island Camp

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