Astrophotography Mode Added to Galaxy S21 Series

The Galaxy S21 series, introduced by Samsung in 2021, continues to receive updates. With Samsung’s newly released update, these devices gained astrophotography support.

Continuing to set an example to the Android world with its update support, Samsung continues to add new features to its past generation devices. Galaxy S21, the beloved series of 2021, got a long-awaited feature with the company’s new update.

Expert RAW Application Required

The new update released by Samsung for the Galaxy S21 series brings astrophotography support to the Expert RAW application. Apart from this, the update, which brings improvements to the camera and gallery applications, is 1GB in size and includes the April 2023 security patch.

With the astrophotography mode, users will be able to take detailed photos of the sky with an exposure time of 10 minutes. Capturing thousands of stars and spirals of the Milky Way Galaxy in suitable environments, this feature was an eagerly awaited feature for the Galaxy S21 series. If you have a Galaxy S21 who wants to try this mod, you need to update your device and download the Expert RAW application.

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