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Artificial intelligence feature will come to phones!

Gmail announced: Artificial intelligence feature will come to phones! (What is the Help Me Write feature?)

The help me typing feature that Google brought to Gmail is now available on iOS and Android phones. Thus, creating an email with the help of artificial intelligence will only take a few seconds. So what is the Help Me To Write feature? Details are here…


The Help me type feature offers users one-tap text suggestions when emailing. This minimizes time spent on emails and takes seconds to compose and detail the entire message.

Artificial intelligence feature


The Gmail Help Me Typing feature, which was made available for the computer, is now accessible through the apps available on iOS and Android phones. Thus, while preparing e-mails, artificial intelligence will be supported and ready-made texts will appear as drafts in seconds. Users will be able to detail these texts as they wish.

Artificial intelligence feature


When you go into composing email as on a computer, there is a “Help Me Write” option in the lower right corner. You give a command here, giving information about the text you want it to generate. Then, when you say create, artificial intelligence creates a ready-made text within a few seconds within the subject you specify.

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