Are Hasan Can Kaya and Hadise Together?

Hasan Can Kaya, the host of the Speakers program, denied the news that he was in love with Hadise, who divorced Mehmet Dincerler in a single session in September. Kaya said, “The allegations are not true. I am a single person, I would not hide it if something like that happened.”

It was alleged that businessperson Mehmet Dincerler, whom she married in April, and Hadise, who divorced in a single session in September, and Hasan Can Kaya were in love. Kaya’s response to the claim of love, which fell like a bomb on the magazine agenda, was not delayed.


Making a statement to Muzikonair after the love affair spread in a short time, Hasan Can Kaya said, “The allegations are not true. I saw it on the news, too. I’m on the set of the movie 14 hours a day. I have no idea where it came from. I’m a single person anyway, I wouldn’t hide it if something like that happened.”

Hadise, on the other hand, has not yet made a statement about the alleged love affair.

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Hasan Can Kaya, who was not on the agenda with the speakers, was in love with the program’s director, Sultan San. San and Kaya, who lived in love for 2.5 years, broke up last year. The duo, who remain friends, continue to work together.

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